Woodland Wellbeing       416         Wilby, Charlotte's Wood Thu        10.00-12.00          28th Sept             8 weeks               

FEE FOR 8 WEEKS: full: £86.40   over 60: £82.00   benefit: £60.50

WOODLAND WELLBEING                                                                                                Tutor: Charlotte Atkinson

Regularly spending time in a woodland environment can provide health benefits for adults of all ages through connecting with nature, slowing breathing rates and associated stress levels.  The Woodland Wellbeing sessions will involve gentle exercise, mindfulness and relaxation exercises and the opportunity to spend time outdoors, learning some new skills and maybe rediscovering some that you had forgotten about!  Typical activities could include fire lighting, outdoor cooking, whittling and natural arts and crafts but will be led by the group’s interests and experiences.  Charlotte is an experienced Forest School leader and trainer and will facilitate the sessions and provide some of the ideas and resources.

Learn to Nordic Walk      417         Wilby, Charlotte's Wood Thu        13.00-14.30          28th Sept             8 weeks               

FEE FOR 8 WEEKS: full: £64.80   over 60: £61.50   benefit: £45.35

LEARN TO NORDIC WALK                                                                                                   Tutor: Charlotte Atkinson

Nordic Walking is a whole body exercise with a range of benefits such as improved posture, reduced joint impact and increased calorie burning compared with walking without poles.  It can be accessed by all; as they say, “If you can walk, you can Nordic Walk”.

Charlotte is a British Nordic Walking Instructor and a qualified member of the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA).  She uses the INWA 10 step method to teach the technique.  Poles are provided.  The first 4 sessions will be held at Charlotte’s Wood in Wilby and for the last 4 sessions we will meet at different locations within a 15 mile radius of the main venue to allow you to practise the technique whilst enjoying the richness of Suffolk Countryside and coast.