Saturday September 15th 2018

MINDFULNESS WORKSHOP        CODE: 601        09.00 - 12.00

Tutor: Ken Ashton                            £27.60
Ever wondered what Mindfulness is all about ?   Want to learn more ?, Want to achieve a deeper sense of the ‘Here & Now’ ?  Want to learn how ?, Are you experiencing Stress & Anxiety ?  Want to understand why ?,
This 3 hr. workshop will give answers to the above much more.

EXPLORING LINOCUTS            CODE: 602        9.30-15.30                            
Tutor: Helen Armstrong Bland                    £65.30
You will be using lino and lino tools to develop drawings and images into prints; cutting and carving into a lino block and printing from the surface.  This is a simple, traditional and effective method to create a relief print. Please bring an apron, cartridge paper and packed lunch.

GRAMMAR FOR BEGINNERS                  CODE: 603        9.30 - 12.30

Tutor: Sharon Watson                        £27.60
Learning a new language and need to know the basics? Feeling unsure when helping your child with homework? Want to improve your grammar knowledge for quiz shows or checking emails before sending them with confidence? This course will help you to identify how a verb changes and how adverbs make a sentence more interesting, the difference between an abstract and a collective noun, a common noun and a pronoun. Learn the importance of using the correct subject of the sentence with the correct verb form. Bring your grammar insecurities and we can solve those mysteries together!

WALTZ / CHA CHA CHA / FOXTROT                 CODE: 604        9.30 - 12.30

Tutor: Yvonne & Doug Stewart                    £46.00 per couple
Get ready for the party season, come for a taster session and learn basic steps in Waltz, Cha Cha Cha and Social Foxtrot in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  Bring a partner and wear comfortable shoes.

DECORATIVE TASSELS            CODE: 605        9.45 - 12.15
Tutor: Rachel Glover                        £29.60
Make decorative tassels with threads and beads.  There’s so many things to use them on – bags, light pulls, party decoration, Wedding tables, gifts and Christmas trees are just a few we can think of.  No experience necessary, all materials will be provided.

BECOME A HOUSE DETECTIVE        CODE: 606        9.45 - 12.45
Tutor: Stephen Poulter                        £27.60
Researching the History of Your Home. Stephen reveals how he uncovered the 400 year story of the 17th C cottage in Norfolk which he moved into two years ago.  Through recounting the tales of the owners and residents of his own home in a lavishly illustrated presentation he’ll describe the various procedures, resources and documents involved in investigating the background of any historic property using online and archive sources in Norfolk and Suffolk.

PLANNING YOUR VEGETABLE GARDEN    CODE: 607        10.00-15.00
Tutor: Eamonn Evans                        £41.40
Autumn is traditionally the time for planning and preparing a vegetable garden and this workshop looks at both the establishment and running of a vegetable garden.  We consider the siting of the plot, plot management and how much to grow.  Potential problems and possible solutions are discussed with the emphasis on organic management. Please bring your lunch.

LIFE DRAWING WORKSHOP        CODE: 608        10.00-14.00
Tutor: Jenny Windle                        £47.00
Here is a life drawing session for beginners and those with more experience.  We practice body structure, good proportions and tones using a few different techniques, and start with short poses followed by longer ones.  Bring along your favourite drawing materials and preferably a board to support your paper in an upright position.  Model fee included.

WILLOW BIRD SCULPTURE            CODE: 609        10.00 – 16.00

Tutor: Jo Hammond                        £61.20
Suitable for beginners or those with some experience.  You’ll learn to weave natural brown willow into sculptural forms – ideal as decorative pieces for the garden or house.  The bird can be developed into a hen, goose, pheasant or duck once the main body has been made.
Stage one is to make a simple willow framework, then weaving begins, with the aim of tying the frame together for a strong structure and flowing shape.  The freeweave technique creates a curving, dynamic layer of willow, from which the neck can be built, then details like head, legs and tail can be added, ready to take home. NOTE: Willow weaving is moderately hard work and does require a firm grip and the flexibility to bend over and squat down occasionally.
Please bring a packed lunch.

GET TO KNOW YOUR DSLR CAMERA    CODE: 610        10.30 – 12.30

Tutor: Nicola McDonagh                        £18.40
Got a DSLR camera?  Not sure what all those symbols mean?  Do you only use automatic mode?  Then this course is for you.  Learn to be in control of your photographs by using the Manual settings and understanding the relationship between ISO, f-stop and shutter speed, to make your images stand out from the crowd.

NORDIC WALKING WORKSHOP        CODE: 611        13.30 - 15.00
Tutor: Charlotte Atkinson                        £13.80
Nordic walking is a whole body exercise with a range of benefits such as improved posture, reduced joint impact and increased calorie burning compared with walking without poles.  On this taster session the INWA 10 step method is used to introduce you to the technique of Nordic Walking.  Poles are provided.  Please wear suitable outdoor clothing and trainers or sturdy shoes (not walking boots). 

JITTERBUG WORKSHOP            CODE: 612        14.00-16.00
Tutor: Esther and David Tutthill                    £18.40
A fun 2 hour session suitable for beginners.  At the end we aim to have you dancing a basic jitterbug jive.  In this session you will learn basic footwork, underarm turns and returns.