LIFE DRAWING CODE: 124 Mon 10.30-12.30 10 sessions, 3 terms.

Fee £148.40 per term (includes model fee). no concessions

Tutor: Jenny Windle

Starting with techniques to learn structure, form, proportion and gesture, we’ll draw with a variety of materials during the course – pastels, pen, ink, charcoal, markers – to create lively figures. Model will be provided in portrait, short and long poses. Please bring pencils/paper, drawing board if possible to the first session. This small class is ideal for beginners, improvers welcome.

DRAWING AND PAINTING FOR IMPROVERS CODE: 125 Mon 14.00-16.00 10 sessions, 2 terms.

Full fee £110.00, 60+ £104.60, benefit £77.00, per term

Tutor: Jenny Windle

Having already acquired the basic skills in drawing and painting we will move forward and look at techniques for structure, shading, measuring proportions and texture to create some still life, animals and portraits. Tutor demonstrates methods, provides reference material and art history. Bring some pencils (HB, 2B, 6B), eraser and A4 sketchpad for the first session. Note: Black and white work for the first 10 weeks, painting materials used in second term. Although beginners are welcome, this is not a beginners course.

BOBBIN LACE: It Doesn’t Have to be White CODE: 320 Wed 19.00-21.00 6 sessions, 3 terms.

Full fee £66.00, 60+ £62.70, benefit £46.20, per term

Autumn Dates: Sept 18th, Oct 2nd & 16th, Nov 6th & 20th, Dec 4th

Tutor: Nicky Howener-Townsend

Have you ever seen someone making bobbin lace and thought “I’d like to have a go at that, but I wouldn’t know where to begin?” Well now you have the rare opportunity to have a go and learn to do just that. This class caters for both the complete beginner and for those looking to resume and/or develop their skills.

Basic equipment is available on temporary loan, but it is limited, so please discuss this before enrolling.