This is the third and final term of this year, but there are a few classes which it is possible to join this far through the year.

If you're interested in these or any other of our classes and workshops and would like further information,

please do give us a call on 01728 833171, or email us at as online booking for these classes is no longer available.




Tutor: Jo Hammond             

Work on your own willow project.  Encompassing all abilities from complete beginners, who will learn how to select materials and be shown traditional basketry methods, to very competent weavers.  Guidance and support, especially for the novice weaver, is always on hand and we all share ideas, learning a lot from each other.  As well as baskets, willow sculpture and garden supports, many other projects can be made.   Please note this craft is moderately hard work and requires a firm grip.                                                                                                               

ALTERNATE TUESDAYS 10.00 – 1.00 pm 6 weeks,  CODE: 208 (MORNING)    - £97.00per term (no concessions)

ALTERNATE TUESDAYS 2.00 – 5.00 pm 6 weeks,  CODE: 209 (AFTERNOON)  - £97.00per term (no concessions)

Summer term dates:  Tue 01 May Tue 15 May Tue 29 May Tue 12 Jun Tue 26 Jun Tue 10 Jul

PATCHWORK AND QUILTING                                                                       

Tutor: Annabelle Reynolds

Machine and Hand Techniques – Patchwork is not just sewing small pieces of fabric together!  On this course you will be shown a variety of styles and techniques, how to use specialist equipment safely, how to construct a variety of items from pincushions to bed quilts and also how to quilt of course.  Suitable for beginners. 

ALTERNATE THURSDAYS        09.30-12.30          21st Sept              6 weeks, 3 terms  CODE: 415   FEE PER TERM: £97.00   (no concessions)     


iPAD BEGINNERS                              CODE: 335                          Tutor: Liz Gleave
Wed 10.00-12.30                     4 weeks starting May 9th       (no class May 30th)    

Bring along your iPad and get to know how to personalise it, download apps, shop on-line and organise photos and files. In this relaxed and friendly class Liz will explain “how to” in plain English right from the very basics so you can get the most out of your iPad. Please make sure your iPad is fully charged and, if you haven’t used it for a while it will help if any updates have been applied, but don’t worry if this is still beyond you!
FEE FOR 4 WEEKS:  £54.00    no concessions
Please note this class is ONLY for Apple iPad, not tablets using Android  operating system, Kindles or other readers. Please contact the office for advice  if you’re unsure.


BOBBIN LACE:  It Doesn’t Have to be White                                      Tutor: Nicky Howener-Townsend

FEE PER TERM: full: £108.00 over 60: £102.60 benefit: £75.60   CODE: 312

 Wed 25 Apr Wed 02 May Tue 08 May Wed 16 May Wed 23 May

Wed 06 Jun Tue 12 Jun Wed 20 Jun Wed 27 Jun Wed 04 Jul          

Have you ever seen someone making bobbin lace and thought “I’d like to have a go at that, but I wouldn’t know where to begin?”  Well now you have the rare opportunity to have a go and learn how to begin.  This class caters for both the complete beginner and for those looking to resume and/or develop their skills.  Basic equipment is available on temporary loan from the tutor, but it is limited, so please discuss this before enrolling.

LIFE DRAWING                                                                                      Tutor: Jenny Windle

FEE PER TERM: £145.50 no concessions       (Includes model fee)       CODE: 118 

Mon 16 Apr Mon 23 Apr Mon 30 Apr Mon 14 May Mon 21 May

Mon 04 Jun Mon 11 Jun Mon 18 Jun Mon 25 Jun Mon 02 Jul

Love drawing the figure?  This class is for you!  With models provided, we use pencil, charcoal, ink, pastel and watercolour to study the human form in a variety of poses.  Tutor demonstrates techniques.  Please bring some pencils (2B, 6B) eraser and A4 artist sketchpad for the first session.  Other materials to be advised.  These lessons are suitable for absolute beginners and improvers.  (Includes model fee)


MIXED ABILITY BALLET                                                                               Tutor: Chloe Kinrade

Mon       09.15-10.15  and 11.45-12.45                10 weeks, 

FEE PER TERM full: £54.00   over 60: £51.30   benfit: £37.80   CODE: 101 or 103

 Mon 16 Apr Mon 23 Apr Mon 30 Apr Mon 14 May Mon 21 May
 Mon 04 Jun Mon 11 Jun Mon 18 Jun Mon 25 Jun Mon 02 Jul

This class is great for people who have done Ballet before and it is a fantastic workout for the whole body.  It will improve your flexibility and muscle strength and tone.  In particular, it strengthens the abdominal, improves posture and it most certainly challenges the brain!


STAINED GLASS                                                                                          Tutor: Teri Lockton

Mon       19.00-21.00                      9 weeks   

 Mon 16 Apr Mon 23 Apr Mon 30 Apr Mon 14 May Mon 21 May
 Mon 11 Jun Mon 18 Jun Mon 25 Jun Mon 02 Jul   

FEE PER TERM: FULL FEE : 97.20, OVER 60 : 92.35, BENEFIT : 68.05    CODE: 117

The art and craft of making stained glass is ancient, but it is being practised today in both a traditional and contemporary way.  This class is for complete beginners, as well as anyone wanting to improve existing skills and learn new techniques. Students will learn to cut glass to a pattern (or “cartoon”), lead up the glass into a stained glass panel, solder all of the joins and waterproof the panel by using leaded light cement.  We will also learn how to design for stained glass and students can then embark on their own projects.  Those who wish can also learn the copper foil technique, invented by Louis Tiffany and now familiar to us in “Tiffany” lamps and lightcatchers.  There will be many books available to inform and inspire you. Tools will be available for students’ use at the beginning of the class and then, for those of you who wish to carry on the skills learnt, a list of tools to purchase and suggested suppliers will be available.  I look forward to welcoming you to the class!


Ballroom and Latin American Dancing - Improvers ( typically 12 - 18 months of lessons taken)

Tutors Yvonne & Doug Stewart

 Tue 24 Apr Tue 01 May Tue 08 May Tue 15 May Tue 22 May
 Tue 05 Jun Tue 12 Jun Tue 19 Jun Tue 26 Jun Tue 03 Jul

Fee: £114.00 per couple

All of these classes are taught by experienced tutors, Yvonne and Doug Stewart, in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, giving you confidence and style with your dancing. Starting with the New Beginners, which gives you the opportunity to experience Ballroom and Latin dance, this course will support you in your “First Steps”, giving you the individual attention required in a group setting. The Improvers continue from beginners adding more steps and rhythms.  Improvers Plus for social dancers wishing to progress adding more steps and technique, giving you confidence and style.  The Intermediate class will add to your repertoire of dance steps and techniques.  Intermediate Plus gives more experienced dancers the opportunity to learn new steps and to enhance your technique and style.  Partners required.  If you are not sure which class to sign up to please ring the office on 01728-833171.


LAUGHTER YOGA                                                                                                               Tutor: Chris Draude

FEE PER TERM: full: £54.00   over 60: £51.30 benefit:  £37.80  CODE: 325

18.00-19.00                 10 weeks      

 Wed 25 Apr Wed 02 May Wed 09 May Wed 16 May Wed 23 May
 Wed 06 Jun Wed 13 Jun Wed 20 Jun Wed 27 Jun Wed 04 Jul

Prescribe yourself to a weekly dose of the best medicine, laughter.  Embrace this unique worldwide concept.  Laughter Yoga combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing.  Warning, laughing can seriously improve your health, it is fun, liberating, stimulating, energising and relaxing.  Bring water, a mat and an open heart!


PAINTING AND DRAWING                                                                                                  Tutor: Andrew Casey

Fri           10.00-12.00  or  1.30 - 3.30                  10 weeks

 Fri 27 Apr Fri 04 May Fri 11 May Fri 18 May Fri 25 May
 Fri 08 Jun Fri 15 Jun Fri 22 Jun Fri 29 Jun Fri 06 Jul   

FEE PER TERM: full: £108.00 over 60: £102.60 benefit: £75.60  CODE: 502 or 503

Enjoy a step by step guide to drawing and painting in a relaxed atmosphere.  Learn how to develop your observational drawing and painting skills and gain confidence using a wide variety of media.  This course is ideal for the beginner and the more experienced.  Please bring a sketch book and pencils to the first class. For this summer term, some sessions will be "en plein", observing landscapes outdoors.


KEEPING FIT IS FUN!                                                                                      Tutor: Jane Chapman

 Wed       13.30-14.30                    10 weeks, 3 terms               

FEE PER TERM: full: £54.00over 60:  £51.30   benefit: £37.80  CODE: 311

Wed 25 Apr Wed 02 May Wed 09 May Wed 16 May Wed 23 May
 Wed 06 Jun Wed 13 Jun Wed 20 Jun Wed 27 Jun Wed 04 Jul

Exercise to music.  Fun activities for one hour.  All levels, including possibly some chair-based activities covered.  No previous experience needed, loose clothing, soft shoes/trainers, bottled water needed.  Join Jane for Keeping Fitness Fun – No Stress!