Garden Maintenance       108         Saxmundham Free School           Mon       19.00-21.00          18th Sept             5 weeks               

FEE PER 5 WEEKS full: £54.00   over 60: £51.30   benefit: £37.80

GARDEN MAINTENANCE                                                                                     Tutor: Susannah Sharman

Learn how to achieve a well-kept garden.  What, when and how to maintain your trees, shrubs, lawn and soil, plus much more.  Bring photos of your garden for problem solving and discussion.

Sugarcraft/Cake Decoration         111          Saxmundham Free School           Mon       19.00-21.00          25th Sept             10 weeks, 3 terms  

FEE PER TERM: full: £108.00 over 60: £102.60 benefit: £75.60

SUGARCRAFT/CAKE DECORATION                                                                    Tutor: John Dean

Would you like to develop your cake decoration skills? Why not join our Monday evening sugracraft group, when two hours of dedicated, uninterrupted time can be spent learning and practising a whole range of skills including:- piping, coating, modelling and making sugar flowers.

To use these skills and with Christmas in mind, you will be encourage to bring in your own home made fruit cake, then design, plan and create your own original Christmas theme.

All equipment will be supplied for these workshops but a weekly charge will be made for materials used.  Students will have to consider the purchase of equipment and materials in order to practice and perfect skills at home.

Creative Writing 210         Saxmundham Free School           Tue        19.00-21.00          26th Sept             10 weeks, 3 terms               

FEE PER TERM: full: £108.00 over 60: £102.60 benefit: £75.60

CREATIVE WRITING – Developing the Writing Habit                                     Tutor: Annie Edge

You’ve already mastered the basics and want to join a critiquing group where you can hone your craft in a rigorous and supportive atmosphere.  Whether you write short stories, novels or children’s fiction.  Bring a notebook and pen and a willingness to share and learn.

Keyboard Beginners       211         Saxmundham Free School           Tue        19.00 -21.00         26th Sept             10 weeks, 3 terms    

FEE PER TERM: full: £108.00 over 60: £102.60 benefit: £75.60            

KEYBOARD BEGINNERS                                                                               Tutor: Adrian Nicholson

If you would like to learn how to accompany pop songs, play some simple solo pieces and begin to improvise on the keyboard or piano, this could be the course for you!

The great thing about a group lesson is you can help each other learn, making practising a lot more enjoyable.  For example, if one half of the class plays the left hand part of a song while the other play the right you can hear how the music should sound when complete.

Songs by Elton John, David Bowie, Coldplay, and any favourites you may like to suggest, will be among the music covered.

Chair Caning Course      212         Saxmundham Free School           Tue         19.00-21.00          26th Sept             4 weeks               

FEE FOR 4 WEEKS: £63.20   no concessions               

CHAIR CANING COURSE                                                                              Tutor: Helen Barker

Chair caning – traditional Split Cane Method:

This course will teach you the 7-step method for weaving a chair/stool seat.  Replace the seat in a cane chair/stool – please bring this with you.

All materials will be provided but you will need a bag of golf tees, a bowl, small hammer, scissors, small screwdriver or braddle.  It would be handy if you can remove all the old cane seating and poke out debris from the holes.

Basic Woodwork              213         Saxmundham Free School           Tue         19.00-21.00          26th Sept             10 weeks                  

FEE PER TERM: £118.00 no concessions               

BASIC WOODWORK                                                                                       Tutor: Vaughan Windle

This 10 week short course introduces basic woodworking tools to complete simple, traditional construction techniques.  You will mark out, cut and assemble components using hand tools and a limited selection of machine tools.  A set project, followed by work of your own choice will be the basis of the course.  Timber will be supplied for the set project; then you will continue with your own choices according to your ability and skill base, with help and guidance from the tutor (you will supply materials for your own project choice

Sew What? - Upcycling Fabrics214         Saxmundham Free School           Tue         19.00-21.00          26th Sept             10 weeks                  

FEE PER TERM: full: £108.00 over 60: £102.60 benefit: £75.60

SEW WHAT?                                                                                                 Tutor: Rachel Glover

An opportunity for you to lean the techniques and cheats of sewing.  For beginners and the more experienced sewer, you will work at your own speed on projects of your choice.  Each week you will be guided by Rachel, a fun and experienced tutor, who will help you make your individual projects happen.  You can try your hand at making clothes and toys, using patterns, altering clothes that no longer fit or making home décor.

In the first week everyone will work on a similar project, using a range of materials supplied by the tutor.  Please coma along with ideas for future projects – or even bring the projects in.  Rachel will then help you plan how to make it a reality from week 2 on…

You will need a sewing machine.  If you don’t have one yet please do talk to us as we may be able to help in the first few weeks.

Bridge for Beginners      215         Saxmundham Free School           Tue         19.00-21.00          26th Sept             10 weeks, 3 terms    

FEE PER TERM: full: £108.00 over 60: £102.60 benefit: £75.60

BRIGDE FOR BEGINNERS                                                                               Tutor: Jill Bowring

Absolutely no experience of card playing necessary for this course.  Term 1 will cover ‘Mini Bridge’ a sound introduction to Contract Bridge, and start on bidding.  You will be playing cards right from the start in a very informal friendly atmosphere.  The book ‘Bridge for Beginners’ will be followed which will be available to order from the tutor at the first session (approx. £23).


Introduction to Printmaking         206         KelsaleTue         19.00-21.00          26th Sept             8 weeks, 3 terms               

FEE PER TERM: £96.00   no concessions               

INTRODUCTION TO PRINTMAKING                                                                  Tutor: Helen Armstrong Bland

Suitable for beginners or those with previous experience.  In this weekly class you will be introduced to a variety of techniques including mono printing, drypoint, blind embossing and collograph printing.  Come along and develop your skills in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.  Please bring an apron and some A4 thick watercolour paper to the first class.


Further Printmaking        599         KelsaleSat          09.30 - 13.30        23rd Sept             Monthly, 3 sessions        

FEE PER TERM: £72.00   no concessions     

FURTHER PRINTMAKING                                                                           Tutor: Helen Armstrong Bland

We will be producing a lino cut and developing skills in: registration, multiple layers, masks and ink processes.  Further techniques with Colllographs, masks, multiple process to achieve inspiring results.  Using mono printing with other materials to create innovative prints.

Autumn term dates: September 23rd, October 21st and November 25th