Saturday September 14th 2019


Tutor: Pamela Booker £32.20

Tapestry is one of the oldest forms of woven textile. In this beginners workshop you will be provided with a frame with warp installed, and using black and white wefts with a flash of colour you will produce a striped tapestry sample to use as a small table mat or wall hanging. Ideal for those with an interest in textiles, colour and texture. Creating a tapestry requires nimble fingers and a lot of concentration, but results in a textile as individual as your own handwriting. All materials supplied.


Tutor: Ken Ashton £27.60

Ever wondered what Mindfulness is all about ? Want to learn more ?

Want to achieve a deeper sense of the ‘Here & Now’ ? Want to learn how ?

Are you experiencing Stress & Anxiety ? Want to understand why ?

This 3 hr. workshop will give answers to the above much more.


Tutor: Mary Gibson £114.80

This one day workshop is designed to teach you the secret of ‘deep buttoning’, sometimes referred to as ‘tufting’. Diamond tufting is the most common method and it’s signature arrangement can give a variety of looks and feels, depending upon the fabric used. Our experienced tutor Mary will teach you, step by step, how to create this plush effect upon a sample board (approximately 46cm x 30cm) for you to take home as a reference piece. All materials provided including the top fabric piece and a buttoning needle for you to take home along with the upholstered board. This finished article can be used in a variety of ways, discussed during the class. Moderate physical strength required, and you will be standing for most of the session.

Please bring along a packed lunch.


Tutor: Julie Wheeler £46.00

Understand the women Henry VIII married in his desperate ambition for a male heir. This workshop will

introduce you to six diverse and captivating personalities and the events that propelled them to their

individual fates. Did they have ambitions of their own? Which wife did Henry love the most? Which did he hate!? And which one had the biggest impact upon England…? Please bring along a packed lunch.

BECOME A HOUSE DETECTIVE – Researching the History of your Home 9.30-16.00 CODE:605

Tutor: Stephen Poulter £55.20

Local historian, Stephen Poulter, reveals how he uncovered the 400 year story of the 17th century cottage in a rural Norfolk village where he currently lives. He’ll use the story of the various owners and residents of his own property as an introduction to some of the procedures, resources and historical documents involved in investigating the background of any historic property using online and archive sources to help you set out on your journey of historical discovery. Please bring along a packed lunch.

UKULELE TASTER 09.45-11.15 CODE:606

Tutor: Zoe-Anne Wadey £13.80

Play in a day; it’s easier than you think – bring along your ukulele and we will learn to accompany a selection of well-known songs using two chords; this includes: learning to read chord windows, strumming, and simple finger picking, and singing and playing at the same time. This taster session will prepare you for joining a beginner’s ukulele course.

AUTHENTIC FRENCH COOKING – Les recettes de ma Grand-mère 10.00-16.00 CODE:607

Tutor: Catherine Godet £67.20

You will be transported into the Vendée countryside as you learn to cook two authentic French dishes from Catherine’s grandmother’s recipe book: boeuf bourguigon and crêpe Suzette. This is a step-by-step practical course with opportunities for students to develop their cooking skills and confidence in an informal and supportive setting as well as take home a 2-course meal to share. Extra cooking demonstration at lunchtime if time permits. Besides enhancing their culinary skills, those attending the course will have the chance to get acquainted with the French way of life and maybe learn a few French words along the way. Please bring a sharp knife, an apron and a packed lunch on the day and let us take care of the rest!


Tutor: Rachel Glover £37.60

Cord, string, wool and other yarns can be transformed using macramé as a technique. Over this workshop we will make a Macramé Wall Hanging, using a natural rope to knot your own light and airy textured room decoration. No experience necessary. All materials provided.


Tutor: Emma Jayne Robertson £62.40

Come and design your very own Ceramic Clock with the guidance and support of local Ceramicist Emma Jayne Robertson. You will spend the first part of the session designing your clock and making templates and then you will bring the design to life using clay. You will be using the slab building method to create your clock and then have a chance to add some colour to the surface at the end. You will be able to choose whether to have it glazed or not. Items will be delivered or collected by arrangement after being glazed and fired. Please note: This could take 4-6 weeks as it needs to dry out thoroughly before being fired twice. Please bring along a packed lunch.


Tutor: Nicola McDonagh £18.40

Got a DSLR camera? Not sure what all those symbols mean? Do you only use automatic mode? Then this is the course for you. Learn to be in control of your photographs by using the Manual settings and understanding the relationship between ISO, f-stop and shutter speed, to make images stand out from the crowd.

GUITAR TASTER 11.30-13.00 CODE:611

Tutor: Zoe-Anne Wadey £13.80

Fingers, frets and strings. Bring along your guitar to this one and a half hour workshop where we will get you strumming your first chords and point you in the right direction to becoming a performer.

HOLIDAY GERMAN 13.00-15.00 CODE:612

Tutor: Ellen Hollingworth £18.40

This introduction to German is ideal if you are planning a trip to Germany and want to be able to order food and drink, book accommodation or find your way asking for directions. We will cover simple conversations to enable you to get by on your holiday.

MANDOLIN TASTER: Play in a Day 14.00-15.30 CODE:613

Tutor: Zoe-Anne Wadey £13.80

This workshop is for plucked stringed instruments in fiddle tuning: E A D G, this includes mandolin, bouzouki, mandola and tenor banjo. In this short workshop we’ll learn to play three chords, and two melodies. Music will be supplied in tablature, however, we will learn by demonstration rather than by reading. These beautiful instruments are surprisingly easy to play and make a great sound. Your own instrument is required.