MINDFULNESS WORKSHOP            9.00-12.00    CODE: 670
Tutor:  Ken Ashton                £27.00

    Even wondered what Mindfulness is all about?  Want to learn more?  
        Want to achieve a deeper sense of the ‘Here and Now’?  Want to learn how?
            Are you experiencing Stress and Anxiety?  Want to understand why?

This 3 hour workshop will give answers to the above questions……plus much more.  

FABRIC SCREEN PRINTING            9.30-15.30        CODE: 671
Tutor: Jacky Linney    Code:                        £54.00
Working with textile designer Jacky, you will learn the basic technique of screen printing to go home with a unique fabric of your own design, big enough for a cushion cover.  You will design and cut paper stencils, then use screens to apply colour onto fabric.  Inks and a piece of fabric are included.  Extra printable fabric, bags and tea towels will be available at cost price.  Please wear old clothes and/or an apron.  Bring along a packed lunch, a plain t-shirt/pillowcases if you wish to experiment and a cutting board and craft knife if you have them.  No experience needed. 

‘JAPANESE’ FOLDED PATCHWORK          9.30-13.30        CODE: 672

Tutor:  Annabelle Reynolds                £36.00
Come and have a go at this traditional and rewarding hand sewing technique.  Circles of fabric are cleverly folded, stitched and quilted to produce square units!  Stitch as many units together as you like.  The more you make the larger the finished item.  Use them for placemats, cushion covers, bags or quilts.  (All hand sewing no machine required.)  Requirements list available on booking.             


Tutor:  Susannah Sharman            £27.00
Starting with the very basics we learn about soils, and sowing through to harvesting.  We discuss how to plan your food from your garden through the seasons.  This workshop covers pest and disease problems and discussion time and will include a PowerPoint presentation and visual aids.

 PHILOSOPHY – RICH MAN POOR MAN        9.30-12.30      CODE: 674        
Tutor:      Sue Pine                £27.00
How can the possession of wealth by a few be justified in the face of widespread poverty?  Could wealth be distributed more fairly?  Would another system in reality work better?  This thought provoking morning of discussion led by Sue looks at what philosophers of both left and right have to say, including Marx, Friedman and Zizek.


NEEDLE FELTED TOADSTOOLS            9.30-12.30        CODE: 675        
Tutor:      Rachel Glover            £30.00
Come along and have a go at making cute and colourful three dimensional toadstools while learning how to needle felt.  No experience necessary and all materials are provided.  The technique does require that you have some strength in your wrists.

MEN IN THE KITCHEN              10.00-15.00    CODE: 676
Tutor: John Dean                  £55.00 (ingredients included)
As there was such a demand for this workshop last term we have decided to run it again. Traditional meals and egg cookery will be the theme for this, hands on workshop.  The combination of a heart-warming red wine casserole and vegetable garnish followed by caramel creams made from a rich fresh egg custard sauce and caramel would make a good combination for any dinner party. Try your hand at producing the perfect omelet, with other suggestions on the versatility of this nutritious and staple ingredient. Along with skills practiced, discussion of food issues, additional demonstrations and plenty of time for question and answers, you will go home, delighted with what you have made and achieved.

WILLOW WEAVING – BAY TREE DECORATION        10.00 - 13.00     Code: 677

Tutor: Jo Hammond         £32.00

Threaded through with scented fresh bay sprigs, this simple basketweave piece takes the shape of a topiary tree. Designed to hang on a kitchen wall, it is both a rustic decoration and a store of aromatic leaves for cooking. You’ll learn how to shape a simple willow hoop, then to choose and add ribs. Next we weave willow and bay across to create a platter; then we’ll finish by trimming the work and binding the ‘trunk’.

AN INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY         10.00-16.00      Code: 678    

Tutor:  Keith Locke                     £54.00

This one-day workshop is designed to provide students new to digital photography with a basic understanding of how it all works.

Learning the basics of photography will provide you with a solid foundation in order to build your knowledge bank.  This is essential for acquiring further knowledge and developing your skills.


LEARN TO DRAW PORTRAITS                              10.00-13.00        Code:679

Tutor:  Jenny Windle                  £30.00

People are fun to draw and this workshop will show you how to draw faces. We start with small studies of the individual features then produce a larger drawing to include neck and shoulders.  Measuring techniques help us to create a likeness of our model.  Bring A4 or larger drawing pad, pencil, eraser and drawing board if you have one, and any watercolours or pastels for adding a little colour. Suitable for beginners and improvers.      

PYROGRAPHY  “Fire Writing”                                        10.00-13.00      Code:680

Tutor:  Andy Gardiner          £27.00

Throughout history people have been burning images and words into different materials. Have you ever wondered how this is done?  If so come along to find out about ‘pyrography’ (fire writing.)This short introductory course will offer the opportunity to have a go at burning onto different materials (paper, leather and wood) using a variety of tools, to learn techniques to give various textures on the materials.  By the end of the session you will produce a Christmas themed item of your choice to take away with you. Should you wish to carry on with this hobby, you will have gained an insight into the type of machine needed and know where to buy equipment and materials from.  Examples of pyrography will be available to view on the day.  There will be a small charge (50p - £1.50) for materials for the session depending on what you decide to go away with.      

STROLL WORKSHOP                                   10.00-12.00                      Code: 681

 Tutor:  Esther and David Tuthill         £18.00

Dance crazes in the late 1950's included this slow Rock'n'Roll dance - The Stroll.   Unusual in that no partner is required, The Stroll is danced to great music, and is great fun too! This course is designed for beginners, so no previous knowledge is required.  We aim to enable you to do a basic Stroll competently.  Students should wear clothes they feel comfortable in, whilst allowing movement.  Shoes should be supportive and have a sole with a little bit of slip.  Trainers, flipflops or sandals are not recommended.

NORTH-WEST MORRIS DANCING WORKSHOP                  13.30 - 15.30      Code:682

 Tutor:  Janet Fendley and Barley Brigg

Fancy a go at Morris dancing with Barley Brigg?  This 2 hour workshop will look at two of the basic steps of clog Morris dancing and teach a dance in the North-West style.  You will need to dress in comfortable clothes and wear trainers, or similar, on your feet.

WILLOW WEAVING – GARDEN TWIG LADY       14.00 - 17.00      Code:683

Tutor: Jo Hammond      £32.00

The twig lady is a small stylized English willow figure for the garden- either as a fun sculpture or a plant support. She stands around a metre tall, and is a satisfying basketry project for complete beginners. You’ll learn to select stakes, perform a simple weave, how to make willow ties, and a special technique for making the lady’s hair curl! All tools and materials are provided. Be aware that willow weaving is moderately hard work and needs a firm grip.