RICH MAN, POOR MAN            CODE: 615        09.00 - 12.00

Tutor: Sue Pine                            £27.60
This workshop looks at the changing nature of wealth and poverty in the world today.  There will be insights from both Philosophy and Sociology.  We will look at what recent surveys have discovered and the implications for the future.  There will be plenty of discussion.

WHAT A CARD!                 CODE: 616        09.00-16.00                        
Tutor: Simone Padur                        £55.60
What better way to wish your loved ones the best of the season, than a personalised and unique Christmas card. In this session you will make 6 cards complete with envelopes ready to send, covering techniques such as paper cutting, simple illustration techniques, stamping, mixed media and more! A Saturday full of fun allowing you to relax, unwind and create in plenty of time for the holiday season! Please bring a packed lunch.

NEEDLE FELTED PENGUINS        CODE: 617        09.15  - 12.15                        
Tutor: Rachel Glover                        £29.60
Come along and have a go at making a cute three dimensional penguin while learning how to needle felt.  No experience necessary and all materials are provided.  The technique does require that you have some strength in your wrists.

WONDERFUL WOODCUTS        CODE: 618            09.30-15.30                            
Tutor: Helen Armstrong Bland                    £60.60
A hands on workshop where you will experience the physicality of ‘cutting a drawing’ into wood to produce a hand burnished print from this traditional printmaking method.  Please bring some simple drawings and or images to work from, and plenty of paper.  Please wear old clothing and bring an apron and a packed lunch.

DICK TURPIN – The Myth and the Man    CODE: 619        09.45 - 12.45
Tutor: Stephen Poulter                        £27.60
When he was England’s ‘Public Enemy Number One’ the notorious highwayman, Dick Turpin, appeared in Bungay to rob a couple of young and vulnerable milkmaids as part of his ongoing reign of terror.  This session contrasts the myth about this ‘gentleman highwayman’ which has grown up over the last 150 years with the true story of one of history’s most notorious villains and murderous thug.  Using period engravings, paintings and photographs we explore the tales of a number of other highway robbers around the country whose exploits were later attributed to Turpin, and consider how Law and Order operated during the Georgian period.

MOOD BOARD CREATION            CODE: 620        10.00-16.00

Tutor: Martin Dobson                        £55.60
This course is ideal for students who would like to learn how to put together a mood/trend board for professional or personal use – fashion designer Martin will show how boards can be created for weddings or fashion trends etc. Students will need to bring a selection of magazines, tear sheets, or images ( some available on the day) copydex glue, paper, scissors and A2 foam board or stiff card (available from art shops). Please bring a packed lunch.

LEARN TO DRAW ANIMALS        CODE: 621        10.00-14.00
Tutor: Jenny Windle                        £36.80
What could be more fun than learning how to draw a favourite pet or wild animal?  This step by step class will help you to observe shapes, tones and gesture to create a realistic portrait of your chosen subject, with detailed techniques for fur or feathers.  Please bring pencils (soft leads – 4B, 6B), eraser, sketchbook, drawing board if possible.  Images of a wide range of animals are provided or bring your own photo – must be clear and well defined in natural light situation.  Ideal for beginners or more experienced.

INTERIOR DESIGN WORKSHOP         CODE: 622        10.30-15.30
Design Your Own Living Room                     

Tutor: Lindsey Pearce                            £46.40
This course is designed to be a fun and inspiring way for anyone with an interest in interior design to choose colour and style for your own living room.  Following an illustrated talk on how to create mood and sample boards you will create your own for a living room, with samples and materials provided. Please bring sharp scissors, glue and double sided sticky tape and photos of the room and house would be useful and any existing fabric or finishes you wish to keep. Coffee and tea available, please bring a packed lunch

GUITAR TASTER                CODE: 623        12.30-14.00                            
Tutor: Zoe Wadey                            £13.80
Bring along your guitar to this one and a half hour workshop where we will get you strumming your first chords and point you in the right direction to becoming a performer.

BUILD A BORDER            CODE: 624            13.00-16.00

Tutor: Susannah Sharman                        £27.60
Put the right plants in the right place! Learn how to create a garden with design and flair, how to build up an interesting border or just add into what you already have.  Powerpoint presentation with discussion. Bring example photos or plans of your garden for group problem solving and ideas as to how to improve it.

SUFFOLK SHINGLE:              CODE: 625        13.30 - 16.00
Tutor: Kate Osborne                        £23.00
Shingle is a rare and fragile habitat.  This hands on course will teach you all about it and how to best beachcomb for its treasures.  There will be a mini shingle beach to discover and we will explore a tableful of Kate’s beachcombed treasures and trash to learn the tales they tell us.

PHOTOSHOP FOR BEGINNERS        CODE: 626        14.00 – 16.00

Tutor: Andy Durham                        £18.40
This fun workshop will take you through the process of creating a poster, flyer or greetings card in photoshop.  You will learn the basics of selelcting images, ordering layers and adding text, the basic ‘tool box’ to enable you to crate a host of designs using this versatile software.

UKULELE TASTER            CODE: 627            14.30-16.00                            
Tutor: Zoe Wadey                            £13.80
Play in a day; it’s easier than you think – we will learn to accompany a selection of well-known songs using two chords; this includes: learning to read chord windows, strumming, and simple finger picking, and singing and playing at the same time.  This taster session will prepare you for joining a beginner’s ukulele course.