NORSE MYTHOLOGY 09.00-12.00 CODE:635

Tutor: Julie Wheeler £27.60

A course to introduce you to fascinating characters with wonderful stories to tell. Who are Odin, Thor and Frey, Frigga, Freyja and Hel? And what on earth is Yggdrasil? Those ancient people of what is now modern Scandinavia lived with a plethora of deities and magic that informed their world. They could remember and recite stories of deeds and mystery from other realms that would last for hours to explain the illusive nature of the physical world plus tease and frighten them with alternative afterlife possibilities. These tales could send a person running fearlessly into battle believing they possessed the strength of a bear..! We will explore their world through their own art and stories that they have left behind. There are even parallels with other worldwide spiritual belief systems. No previous knowledge necessary.

EXPERIENCE THE POTTERS WHEEL Traditional Techniques Working with Clay

Tutor: Katharine “Katie” Gleeson

With a wheel each and just two students per session, during your taster session Katharine will demonstrate the preparation of clay, centering on the wheel and throwing a pot. Students will then create a pot or vase on the wheel under guidance from Katharine. The principles of decorating, glazing and firing will be explained.

09.15 - 10.00 CODE: 636 £32.00 10.15 - 11.00 CODE: 637 £32.00

11.15 - 12.00 CODE: 638 £32.00 12.15 - 13.00 CODE: 639 £32.00

UKULELE TASTER 09.15-10.45 CODE:640

Tutor: Zoe-Anne Wadey £13.80

Play in a day; it’s easier than you think – bring along your ukulele and we will learn to accompany a

selection of well-known songs using two chords; this includes: learning to read chord windows, strumming, and simple finger picking, and singing and playing at the same time. This taster session will prepare you for joining a beginner’s ukulele course.


Tutor: Louise Ferrier £60.00

This workshop serves as an introduction to the ancient art of stained glass. The copper foil technique, developed in the Tiffany Studios in the 1890s, is the ideal method for making small decorative glass items where copper foil and solder are used to join pieces of glass together. You will learn to cut and shape glass to a simple pattern, apply copper foil tape, solder the pieces together and create wire hanging hooks so your decorations are ready for display. Suitable for beginners. All materials and tools provided. Please bring along a packed lunch.

NOTE: The class involves working with lead solder so is not advisable for pregnant or breast-feeding women.


Tutor Annabelle Reynolds £32.20

Come and learn the technique of English Paper Piecing. This technique involves folding fabric over paper templates, which ensures the blocks are accurate and also makes it easier to piece angles together, before hand sewing them. Popular shapes include Diamonds, Pentagons and of course Hexagons. You’ll make a sample to take home as a reference piece, and pick up some handy tips along the way to acheive a neat finish. Instructions will be given to turn your item into a cushion front or purse. You might even get carried away and end up with a lap quilt !! Requirements list will be sent in advance.


Tutor: Jenny Windle £30.00

People are fun to draw and this workshop will show you how to draw faces.

We start with small studies of the individual features then produce a larger drawing to include neck and shoulders. Measuring techniques help us to create a likeness of our model. Bring A4 or larger drawing pad, some pencils, eraser and drawing board if you have one. Suitable for beginners and improvers.


“ON TOP OF SPAGHETTI…..” 10.00-16.00 CODE:644

Tutor: Deborah Paul £67.20

This all day workshop brings a taste of Italy to Saxmundham – via London’s East End! Deborah passes on her family’s authentic meatball recipe, handed down through the generations. Italian meatballs are a delicious mixture of lean and fat pork and beef served in a rich tomato sauce which you will make from scratch with red wine and brandy. You will also make Focaccia bread using olive oil, and prepare a sweetened Ricotta with dried fruits steeped in a red wine and brandy reduction for dessert. All ingredients supplied, bring an apron, a sharp knife and containers suitable to take your meal home. Coffee and tea available, please bring a packed lunch.


Tutor: Vaughan Windle £27.60

An excellent way to record in a sketchbook or produce more finished work. This medium allows full colour paintings to be completed with a minimum of equipment. Techniques explained. Requirements – 140lb water colour paper, and a set of 12 or 24 water soluble pencils and a medium size water colour brush.


Tutor: Helen Barker £49.40

Learn the traditional cane seating method by completing a small panel during the course. This will teach you the steps involved to then go on to replace the seat in a cane chair. At the end of the workshop you will take home a decorative panel that you can also use as a reference for future projects. Please bring a small hammer, scissors, golf tees, a pencil sharpener and a packed lunch.

INTERIOR DESIGN WORKSHOP; Design Your Own Living Room or Bedroom 10.30-15.30 CODE:647

Tutor: Lindsey Pearce £46.40

This course is designed to be a fun and inspiring way to choose colour and style for your own room. Lindsey is an experienced interior design consultant and will provide an illustrated talk on how to create mood and sample boards. You will then create your own boards for a room of your choice, with samples and materials provided. (Please note this session is NOT suitable for designing a kitchen or bathroom)

The course is designed for everyone with an interest in interior design, also for those who have already attended a previous Interior Design Course. All materials and one presentation board included. Please bring sharp scissors, glue and double sided sticky tape and photos of the room and house would be useful and any existing fabric or finishes you wish to keep. Extra presentation board available from the tutor on the day, at cost, if needed. Coffee and tea available, please bring a packed lunch.

BOB ROSS ‘WET ON WET’ OIL PAINTING Northern Lights Theme 10.30-15.30 CODE:648

Tutor: Caroline Stevens £51.00

Learn to paint a full landscape painting in just one session! Caroline Stevens (CRI Certified Bob Ross) shows you how to paint using this fun and exciting technique. All equipment/canvas supplied. Beginners welcome and anyone that might want to improve on their wet-on-wet technique of painting are encouraged to come along. Subjects are mainly North American Landscapes … … this time with ‘Northern Lights’! Please bring a packed lunch.

GUITAR TASTER 11.00-12.30 CODE:649

Tutor: Zoe-Anne Wadey £13.80

Fingers, frets and strings. Bring along your guitar to this one and a half hour workshop where we will get you strumming your first chords and point you in the right direction to becoming a performer.


Tutor: Rachel Glover £27.00

Make decorative tassels and tassel fairies with threads and beads.

There’s so many things to use them on – bags, light pulls, party decoration, Wedding tables, gifts and

Christmas trees are just a few we can think of. No experience necessary, all materials will be provided.

MIXED MEDIA / COLLAGE 13.00-16.00 CODE:651

Tutor: Pamela Booker £30.60

This course offers ‘fun’ with the opportunity to work with materials of your choice in an imaginative, creative way. No drawing skills are required and it is suitable for everyone. The activity will be “All About You” with ideas, themes and suggested ways of working discussed and forwarded by the tutor. It is essential that you bring; scissors, pritt stick, pencil (and/or pens) and any of the following: newspaper/magazine cuttings, posters, adverts, comics, tickets, family snapshots, holiday photos, used envelopes, surplus English or foreign stamps, and any other printed material of interest to you. A surface to work on will be provided by the tutor.


Tutor: Susannah Sharman £18.40

Learn about soils. Sowing through to harvesting. How to plan the food from your garden through the seasons. This workshop covers pest and disease problems and discussion time and will include a PowerPoint presentation and visual aids.


Tutor: Andy Durham £18.40

This fun workshop will take you through the process of creating a poster, flyer or greetings card in photoshop. You will learn the basics of selelcting images, ordering layers and adding text, the basic ‘tool box’ to enable you to create a host of designs using this versatile software..