Traditional Techniques Working with Clay

Tutor: Katharine “Katie” Gleeson
With a wheel each and just two students per session, during your taster session Katharine will demonstrate the preparation of clay, centering on the wheel and throwing a pot.  Students will then create a pot or vase on the wheel under guidance from Katharine. The principles of decorating, glazing and firing will be explained.
        09.00 - 09.45        CODE: 628     £28.00
        10.00 - 10.45          CODE: 634     £28.00
        11.00 - 11.45            CODE: 644     £28.00
        12.00 - 12.45          CODE: 647     £28.00

- a Philosophical View            CODE: 629

Tutor: Sue Pine                            £27.60
This  workshop explores the changing nature of Disney princesses (and witches!) in light of
contemporary feminism.  What gives these images their impact? What is the effect on girls?  We will include some Psychology and Philosophy.

GUITAR TASTER                CODE: 630        9.30-11.00                            
Tutor: Zoe Wadey                            £13.80
Bring along your guitar to this one and a half hour workshop where we will get you strumming your first chords and point you in the right direction to becoming a performer.

STAINED GLASS MOSAIC WORKSHOP    CODE: 631        9.30 - 15.30                            
Tutor: Louise Ferrier                        £58.75
Enjoy a day becoming acquainted with the magical medium of stained glass.  You will create a small panel using off-cuts of coloured glass, so no cutting is required.  All you need is enthusiasm to try something new.  All materials included in cost, please bring a packed lunch.

Tutor: Stephen Poulter              CODE: 632        £55.20
Whether working in a large or small business, or representing a community group or charity many people find themselves having to make public presentations.  Powerpoint is an incredibly effective and flexible software programme to use as the accompaniment to a talk for any audience and in a commercial or professional environment is nowadays considered essential.  However, very few people seem to know how to make the best use of it to complement and enhance their message – probably because people are just expected to teach themselves how to use it.  This course will show anyone who already has a basic familiarity with Powerpoint how to best plan and organize material for any presentation, and then how to translate it most effectively on to a screen using a variety of graphic, animated and visual elements that can be incorporated by the software package.  Laptops will be available however students are welcome to bring along their own laptops with Powerpoint already loaded.  Please bring along a packed lunch.

Slideshow and Talk            CODE: 633    
Tutor: Alex Bass                            £27.60    
This virtual wildlife tour uses colourful slides and dialogue that focuses on a range of wildlife habitats found in East Anglia.  Areas covered include Suffolk Heathland and Estuaries, Suffolk and Norfolk Broads, North Norfolk Coast and Saltmarshes of Essex.  Birds, mammals, butterflies and plants (including orchids) are all mentioned.


PYROGRAPHY “Fire Writing”        CODE: 635        10.00-13.00                            
Tutor: Andy Gardiner                        £29.60
Throughout history people have been burning images and words into different materials.  This short introductory course will offer the opportunity to have a go at burning onto a selection of materials (paper, leather, wood) using a variety of tools, to learn techniques to give various textures.  By the end of the session you will produce an item of your choice to take away with you.  There will be a small charge (50p - £2.00) for materials for the session depending on what you decide to go away with.

COLOUR BASICS IN PAINTING        CODE: 636        10.00-14.00
Tutor: Jenny Windle                        £36.80
Sometimes it’s tricky to mix colours to describe what we see.  This class enables the beginner to break down shades of subjects and determine what recipe will produce the desired effect.
We look at colour temperature, tone and intensity through the spectrum as well as what procedures subtle earth tones and greys.  Bring white and black, alizarin crimson, cadmium red, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, lemon yellow, cadmium yellow in watercolours, acrylics or pastels; suitable paper/canvas for your paints; and a few brushes and a palette (at least A4 size).

TAKING STOCK OF SAUCES        CODE: 637        10.00-16.00

Tutor: Deborah Paul                        £62.00
Using locally sourced ingredients you will learn how to make a “base stock” from both meat bones and vegetables.  We then use either stock to make a seasonal soup and bake fresh soda bread which we will enjoy for our lunch together.  We will also prepare an enriched roux, and make a fish pie to take home.

BASIC WOODWORK              CODE: 638        10.00 - 16.00
Make your own spice rack / general purpose shelf                                    
Tutor: Vaughan Windle                        £60.60
Have you ever thought you would like to learn some basic woodworking techniques?  Here is a workshop to introduce how to measure and mark out and finally cut and assemble this unit using simple construction techniques, traditional tools and a limited selection of machine tools.
If you have old woodworking tools please bring them along as we will have time for some discussion on tool maintenance.  Suitable for absolute beginners this set project (for which materials and tools will be provided) will get you started.

MAKE A CUSHION IN A DAY        CODE: 639        10.30 - 15.00    

Tutor: Annabelle Reynolds                       £36.80
An ideal use for those lovely furnishing prints which you admire but are too nervous to use!  Learn how to make a professional looking cushion cover complete with zip and piping.
Requirements: Please bring 0.5m Furnishing fabric, 0.25m of contrast fabric for the piping or extra of the main fabric, 30 – 40cm zip, 1.75m medium piping cord, sewing thread, sewing machine with attachments including an adjustable zipper/piping foot and sewing kit with scissors, pins and tape measure. Please also bring a packed lunch.

INTERIOR DESIGN WORKSHOP         CODE: 640        10.30-15.30
- Design your own bedroom

Tutor: Lindsey Pearce                              £46.40
This course is designed to be a fun and inspiring way to choose colour and style for your own bedroom. Lindsey is an experienced interior design consultant and will provide an illustrated talk on how to create mood and sample boards. You will then create your own boards for a room of your own, with samples and materials provided. The course is designed for everyone with an interest in interior design. Please bring sharp scissors, glue and double sided sticky tape and photos of the room and house would be useful and any existing fabric or finishes you wish to keep. Coffee and tea available, please bring a packed lunch.

PAINT-A-CRATE                CODE: 641        10.30 - 15.30                
Tutor: Helen Barker                         £53.40
Decorate a wooden storage crate using chalk paint, stencils, decoupage and other techniques.  All materials are provided but for decoupage if you have wallpaper or wrapping paper with a design you like or a preferred image, please feel free to bring this with you.  Images that you can cut out easily ie: birds, flowers, butterflies work well. Please bring a packed lunch.

WALTZ / CHA CHA CHA / FOXTROT           CODE: 642        10.30-13.00

Tutor: Yvonne & Doug Stewart                    £46.00
Get ready for the party season, come for a taster session and learn basic steps in Waltz, Cha Cha Cha and Social Foxtrot in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  Bring a partner and wear comfortable shoes.

GERMAN FOR HOLIDAYS            CODE: 643        10. 45 - 12.45

Tutor: Gabriele Von Wittken                    £18.40
Are you planning a trip to Germany?  Why not practice a few useful holiday phrases, numbers, ordering food and drink or asking directions before you go?  A fun and enjoyable way to learn some simple words and phrases, or to refresh any previous knowledge with the emphasis on speaking German.

THE MYSTERY OF THE MOLLY        CODE: 645                     11.00 - 13.00

Tutor: Keith Locke                            £18.40
The East Anglian Molly dancers have long been confused with the Morris dancers.  Yet they are very different as this workshop will attempt to explain.  Their historical origins are coming from different directions and different points in time.  The Molly has a fascinating and mysterious past.  It’s time to unlock it!

UKULELE TASTER            CODE: 646            11.30-13.00                            
Tutor: Zoe Wadey                            £13.80
Play in a day; it’s easier than you think – we will learn to accompany a selection of well-known songs using two chords; this includes: learning to read chord windows, strumming, and simple finger picking, and singing and playing at the same time.  This taster session will prepare you for joining a beginners ukulele course

PRUNING – WHAT, WHEN AND HOW    CODE: 648        13.00-16.00

Tutor: Susannah Sharman                        £27.60
Get confidence with your pruning!  Learn how to maintain your trees and shrubs, understand the reasons, techniques and tools required for you to keep your garden in order….. and may even lessen your workload!  
Powerpoint presentation and demonstration with times for questions and discussion.

                    CODE: 649        14.00 - 16.00

Tutor Jacinth Duncan                        £30.40
In this taster workshop you will construct a modern design with flowers, berries, twigs, bark etc., giving you techniques and knowledge to recreate or refresh your design ready for Christmas. All materials provided and included in the cost of this workshop. Please bring sharp scissors and, if you have them, small secateurs. There will be three further evening classes to attend if you wish to continue.