799 - Digital Photography for Beginners Stradbroke Courtroom (in Library building) March 2nd - April 6th 2019 Saturday 14.00 - 16.00

FEE PER TERM: £66.00 for 6 weeks

Tutor: Nikki McDonagh

This course is for people who want to know how to use a digital camera to get the best results. Learn to be in control of your photographs by using the Manual settings and understanding the relationship between ISO, f-stop and shutter speed. The course will also cover composition, correct exposure, using pre-set modes, basic editing techniques, choosing the correct lens for your image, and experimental photography.

Sew S.M.A.R.T. CODE 120 Mon 19.00 - 21.00 14th January 2019 10 weeks

Fee per term Full Fee £110 Over 60 £104.60 Benefit £77

Sew S.M.A.R.T. Sew, Modify, Adjust, Recycle, Tailor Tutor: Rachel Glover

An opportunity for you to learn how to “read” a pattern and use techniques to modify and adjust it to your own size. These techniques can be used to modify any pattern, recycle old clothing, adjust badly fitting items and tailor them to your own body. In this fun and friendly course we will deal with any fitting issues you may have, and then adjust the pattern accordingly and make a toile. Once we have the mock-up we will concentrate on cutting your final garment and stitching it up. Please bring along a commercial pattern at “beginner” level to the first class – the simpler the better. Your sewing machine will be needed but not on the first week and the final garment fabric can be chosen at a later date.

History and practise of Philosophy CODE 121 Mon 19.00 - 21.00 10 Weeks

Fee per term Full Fee £110 Over 60 £104.60 Benefit £77

HISTORY AND PRACTISE OF PHILOSOPHY (part 1: Ancient and Mediaeval) Tutor: Paul Hamman

Module 1 of 4 covering the history of western philosophy from ancient to modern times. In part 1 we examine philosophical thought in the ancient and mediaeval period, and how critical thinking became a formal endeavour. Students will study at least one seminal work of philosophy during the module, learn how to discuss philosophical ideas and present their own thoughts.

Become a House detective CODE 123 5 weeks starts 25th February Mon 19.00 - 21.00

Fee for 5 weeks Full Fee £55.00 Over 60 £52.30 Benefit £38.50

BECOME A HOUSE DETECTIVE Researching the History of Your Home Tutor: Stephen Poulter

Revealing the research process Stephen followed when uncovering the 350 year story of his 17th century cottage in Norfolk exploring the lives of the owners and tenants who lived there. Using examples of the various maps, resources, deeds and documents and online and archive sources in Norfolk and Suffolk. Gain skills to read and interpret a variety of original archive material to set out on your own journey of historical discovery.

5 weeks starts 25th February

Mon 19.00 - 21.00 Full Fee £55.00 Over 60 £52.30 Benefit £38.50

Beginner Crochet - make a blanket 122 Mon 19.00-21.00 January 14th 2019 10 weeks

Fee per term Full Fee £110 : Over 60 £104.60 : Benefit £77

BEGINNER CROCHET – Make a Blanket Tutor: Kristina England

Apologies, this class is being held at Thomas Mills High School, on Monday evenings, not at Stradbroke as printed. Please navigate to the Framlingham page to continue.

Stained Glass     112         Stradbroke High School Mon       19.00-21.00          JANUARY 14TH 2019            10 weeks          

FEE PER TERM: full: £110.00 over 60: £104.60 benefit: £77.00

STAINED GLASS                                                                                          Tutor: Teri Lockton

The art and craft of making stained glass is ancient, but it is being practised today in both a traditional and contemporary way.  This class is for complete beginners, as well as anyone wanting to improve existing skills and learn new techniques. Students will learn to cut glass to a pattern (or “cartoon”), lead up the glass into a stained glass panel, solder all of the joins and waterproof the panel by using leaded light cement.  We will also learn how to design for stained glass and students can then embark on their own projects.  Those who wish can also learn the copper foil technique, invented by Louis Tiffany and now familiar to us in “Tiffany” lamps and lightcatchers.  There will be many books available to inform and inspire you. Tools will be available for students’ use at the beginning of the class and then, for those of you who wish to carry on the skills learnt, a list of tools to purchase and suggested suppliers will be available.  I look forward to welcoming you to the class!