Brand new class for Saturday afternoons

Digital Photography for Beginners 699 14.00 - 16.00 starts November 3rd 6weeks.

FEE FOR 6 WEEKS: £66.00 no concessions


This course is for people who want to know how to use a digital camera to get the best results. Learn to be in control of your photographs by using the Manual settings and understanding the relationship between ISO, f-stop and shutter speed. The course will also cover composition, correct exposure, using pre-set modes, basic editing techniques, choosing the correct lens for your image, and experimental photography.

Stained Glass     112         Stradbroke High School Mon       19.00-21.00          25th Sept             10 weeks, 3 terms               

FEE PER TERM: full: £110.00 over 60: £104.60 benefit: £77.00

STAINED GLASS                                                                                          Tutor: Teri Lockton

The art and craft of making stained glass is ancient, but it is being practised today in both a traditional and contemporary way.  This class is for complete beginners, as well as anyone wanting to improve existing skills and learn new techniques. Students will learn to cut glass to a pattern (or “cartoon”), lead up the glass into a stained glass panel, solder all of the joins and waterproof the panel by using leaded light cement.  We will also learn how to design for stained glass and students can then embark on their own projects.  Those who wish can also learn the copper foil technique, invented by Louis Tiffany and now familiar to us in “Tiffany” lamps and lightcatchers.  There will be many books available to inform and inspire you. Tools will be available for students’ use at the beginning of the class and then, for those of you who wish to carry on the skills learnt, a list of tools to purchase and suggested suppliers will be available.  I look forward to welcoming you to the class!

Buying and Selling Antiques, Vintage items and Collectables for Pleasure and Profit           113    Mon    19.00-21.00  10 weeks

FEE PER TERM: full: £110.00 over 60: £104.60 benefit: £77.00

This practically oriented course will look at the options for buying antiques and vintage items from auctions, antiques markets, online and car boot sales, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each.  We will explore the many categories and periods of antique and vintage items to be traded and identify the costs of acquiring them and the potential profits to be made.
You will consider the pros and cons of buying and selling at auction, and learn about the costs, effort involved and profits which can be earned by selling on Ebay and Etsy.  Students will acquire techniques for researching and identifying the value of antiques and collectables.  There will also be a visit to an antique centre.

Write Better - Get Published         313             Weds       14.00 - 16.00          26th Sept             10 weeks 3 terms            

FEE PER TERM : full: £110.00 over 60:  £104.60 benefit: £77.00

WRITE BETTER – GET PUBLISHED!                                                      Tutor: Nicola McDonagh

Wherever you are in the writing process, fiction/non-fiction, this course will help you hone your narrative, using exercises on structuring and plotting, to editing effectively.  With tips on how to write an amazing synopsis/query letter to pitch your story to agents and publishers, including ways to market your book.