Sugar Flower Skills               304    Wed    19.00-21.00   3 terms   26th September 10 weeks

FEE PER TERM: full: £110.00 over 60:  £104.60 benefit: £77.00
SUGAR FLOWER SKILLS                                                     Tutor: Claire Webb

Join Claire making beautiful sugar flowers, all abilities welcomed.  This term we start with an
autumnal spray of Japanese Anemone with flowers, buds and leaves, and then move on to
Poinsettias, Ivy leaves and Ilex berries for your Christmas cake or table decoration.  You will need your own selection of sugar craft tools and some floristry supplies (requirements list to be advised).

Felt Hat Making               305       Wed      19.00-21.00       26th September 4 weeks

FEE for 4 weeks:  £59.00 no concessions
FELT HAT MAKING                                                         Tutor: Rachel Glover

Make your own design felt hat from scratch, sculpt it, then embellish and adorn it.  Have fun letting your imagination go, while learning something new.  At the first class you will begin by making the felt base for your hat.  You will then learn how to shape it before decorating it into the design of your choice with guidance from Rachel.  Materials for the hat will be provided.

 British Sign Language                306       Wed         19.00-21.00       26th September 10 weeks 3 terms

FEE PER TERM: full: £110.00 over 60:  £104.60 benefit: £77.00
BRITISH SIGN LANGUAGE                                                     Tutor: Sarah Talbot

Discover the world of Sign Language in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  A basic sign language course coupled with individual learning plans to support either your general interest or your chosen profession. This ongoing course is a great opportunity to meet new friends and learn the art of visual gesturing as we smile and discover new skills together.

 Crochet                307                   Wed         19.00-21.00                 6 weeks  starts 31st October 2018

FEE for 6 weeks: full: £66.00 over 60:  £62.76 benefit: £46.20

CROCHET                                        Tutor: Rachel Glover              
This crochet course will take you through the basics and beyond.  Building your confidence and skills in a variety of techniques to help you develop your own designs and projects.  Suitable for complete beginners or those wishing to oil some rusty hooks. Please bring a No. 5 hook.  Some yarn will be available but feel free to bring your own.

 Stained Glass                    308    Wed    19.00-21.00     10 weeks 3 terms

FEE PER TERM: full: £110.00 over 60:  £104.60 benefit: £77.00
STAINED GLASS                                                              Tutor: Teri Lockton

Students will learn to cut glass to a pattern (or “cartoon”), lead up the glass into a stained glass panel, solder all of the joins and waterproof the panel by using leaded light cement.  We will also learn how to design for stained glass and students can then embark on their own projects.  Those who wish can also learn the copper foil technique, invented by Louis Tiffany and now familiar to us in “Tiffany” lamps and lightcatchers.  There will be many books available to inform and inspire you. Tools will be available for students’ use at the beginning of the class and then, for those of you who wish to carry on the skills learnt, a list of tools to purchase and suggested suppliers will be available.  I look forward to welcoming you to the class!