New classes - New venue - Halesworth Skills Centre

COMPUTERS FOR THE TIMID                      CODE: 425                                  19.00-21.00        Tutor:  Andy Gardiner
Are you a complete beginner and would you like to start using a PC?  Would you like to be set up with an email account or learn how to search the internet or shop securely and safely online?  Learn how to word process or save your precious digital photographs onto the computer or a DVD. This 8 week introductory course is for absolute beginners or for those that know a little and would like to build their confidence.  
The course is tutor led in a relaxed and friendly environment.
8 weeks starting 25th January        £86.40

SUGARCRAFT/CAKE DECORATION            CODE: 426                                 19.00 -21.00        Tutor: John Dean
Would you like to develop your cake decoration skills?
Why not join our Thursday evening sugracraft group, when two hours of dedicated, uninterrupted time can be spent learning and practising a whole range of skills including:- piping, coating, modelling and making sugar flowers. All equipment will be supplied for these workshops but a weekly charge will be made for materials used.  Students will have to consider the purchase of equipment and materials in order to practice and perfect skills at home.
8 weeks starting 25th January        £86.40

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY                        CODE: 427                                       19.00 - 21.00         Tutor: Rob Spray

Still frustrated at your digital camera?  Whether you’re a stranger to your SLR or worried by your compact here’s a chance to make friends with it!  Starting with understanding what your own camera offers and then going on to work on the principles of photography for fun, art or maybe income.  This course will boost your camera confidence, setting weekly tasks to reinforce each session.

8 weeks starting 25th January        £86.40

HALESWORTH ACCOUSTIC COMMUNITY BAND          CODE: 428                  19.00 -21.00        Tutor: Zoe Wadey

Whatever your instrument, whatever your ability, whether you read notation, tablature or play by ear, this band is for everyone from beginners to
performers. I shall be arranging well known traditional tunes to  accommodate everybody, and any acoustic instrument.  
Looking forward to five weeks of fabulous fun.

5 weeks starting February 22nd     £54.00   

Campsea Ashe. Station House. IP13 0PT

GETTING UP TO SPEED WITH MICROSOFT OFFICE      CODE: 422                  Tutor: Jenny Labbett
Campsea Ashe Station House                                     Thur 09.30-11.30               9 weeks starting 18th January        

Returning to work?  Want to brush up on your IT skills?  Join us for classes which will cover the basics – and more – of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.  Each session will be packed with tips and tricks to help you become more proficient and build your confidence.  No experience of Microsoft Office is necessary, but the ability to use a mouse and keyboard is essential.  Course notes are provided.  (Please note that this course is not for MAC users.)
FEE FOR 9 WEEKS: £99.00 no concessions

Eye. Hartismere High School IP23 7BL

CROCHET                                    CODE: 303                            Tutor: Rachel Glover                                                                                                  Hartismere High School      Wed       19.00-21.00          24th January  8 weeks                                                                         

This Crochet course will take you through the basics and beyond.  Building your confidence and skills in a variety of techniques to help you develop your own designs and projects.  Suitable for complete beginners or those wishing to oil some rusty hooks.  Please bring a No. 5 hook.  Some yarn will be available but feel free to bring your own.

FEE FOR 8 WEEKS:  full: £86.40 over 60: £82.10 benefit: £60.50

Framlingham. Thomas Mills High School IP13 9HE

GARDEN MAINTENANCE            CODE: 123          Tutor:  Susannah Sharman
Thomas Mills High School        Mon 19.00-21.00    Starting 19th February for 5 weeks
Learn how to maintain your garden – from soil to lawns, trees and shrubs ending with a year planner. This will provide you with knowledge and then confidence that will help your workload in the garden.  There will be time for discussion, PowerPoint presentations and visual aids.
FEE FOR 5 WEEKS: full: £54.00 over 60: £51.30 benefit: £37.80

Hello, World!


Framlingham. Framlingham Library IP13 9BA

Framlingham Library                     Tues 10.15 - 11.45                    6 weeks starting 20th February       
Medieval manuscripts art was not only beautiful but conveyed a range of meanings and ideas. This course will explore those ideas as well as reveal the secrets of manuscript production. Each week, working chronologically from the Anglo-Saxon era to the Renaissance, we will examine a key piece of illumination to develop your knowledge, chart the changes and incite discussion! No previous experience of art historical study is necessary.
FEE FOR 6 WEEKS: full: £48.60 over 60:  £46.20 benefit: £34.00

Leiston Alde Valley Academy IP16 4BG

‘ATELIER’ DRAWING METHOD            CODE: 420                Tutor:  Vaughan Windle
Alde Valley Academy        Thurs 19.00-21.00                        12 weeks starting 25 January  (break for Easter)

A twelve week course that will suit the more advanced student who wishes to explore new drawing media (pen, ink, charcoal and grisaille) and accuracy.  Study the methods of the masters through their drawings.  Techniques explained.  Work from plaster casts and a live model.  Requirements:  Paper, a variety of dry media, pencils, Conté crayons, drawing pens.

FEE FOR 12 WEEKS: full:£129.60 over 60:  £123.10 benefit £90.75

SPANISH GUITAR                                  CODE: 421                        Tutor: Adrian Nicholson
Alde Valley Academy, Leiston           Thurs    19.00-21.00             8 weeks starting 25th January

This is for those with basic playing skills who can accompany songs using more than 3 chords and have some finger style technique, regardless of what musical style or type of guitar you play. The course will survey a range of popular Spanish and Latin styles from Rumba and Bossa Nova to Flamenco and Bolero.  You do not have to be a Classical guitarist, although some simple classical pieces such as Romanza may be studied later in the course. You will, however, need either a classical or flamenco guitar (i.e. wooden with nylon strings) to get the most out of the lessons. If you have ever wanted to play The Girl from Ipanema or Bamboleo, Besame Mucho among  others, this is the course for you!
FEE FOR 8 WEEKS: full:  £86.40 over 60:  £82.10 benefit: £60.50

CREATING COMPUTER GAMES            CODE: 411                    Tutor: Bernard Fox
Alde Valley Academy               Thur 19.00-21.00               starting 11th Jan 2018    10 weeks, 2 terms

Have you ever wondered how computer games are made?  Do you think that you could make a better one?  This course, taught by a former lecturer in Computer Game Design at college level, will introduce you to the concepts and processes of writing and programming your own computer games.  We will be using freely downloadable graphics, sound and programming software (InkScape, Gimp, OpenMPT and Unity3D).  These will work with Windows, Linux and Apple.  No previous programming experience will be expected
FEE PER TERM: full:£108.00 over 60: £102.60 benefit:  £75.60

INTRODUCTION TO QUICKBOOKS        CODE: 423                      Tutor:  Laura Stubbs
Alde Valley Academy                        Thurs 19.00-21.00                   5 weeks starting February 22nd

Cloud software is a recent innovation in keeping personal or business accounts. In this beginners guide to using QuickBooks you will learn how to invoice customers, manage cashflow, produce a VAT return, reconcile bank balance to online bank statements and produce management reports. Some bookkeeping knowledge will be an advantage. You will need to know your way around a computer for this course.
FEE FOR 5 WEEKS: £80.00 no concessions

Leiston. Guide Hut IP16 4HX

CREATIVE WRITING FOR EVERYONE        CODE: 220                 Tutor:  Annette Edge    
Leiston Guide Hut                                Tues 10.00-12.00                 8 weeks starting 23rd January  

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or someone who’s already had a go; whether you want to write short stories, novels or children’s fiction; whether you’re nail-bitingly nervous or hugely confident – bring a notebook and pen and a willingness to share and learn.  Expect paired writing exercises, prompt activities, and individual time to write and reflect in a snug and supportive atmosphere:  Goodbye Leiston Guide Hut – hello The Writing Hut!
FEE FOR 8 WEEKS: full: £86.40 over 60: £82.10 benefit: £60.50

SPANISH CONVERSATION CLASS        CODE: 327                         Tutor: Kata Molnar    
Leiston Guide Hut                           Wed  10.00-12.00                         8 weeks starting 24th January    

An intermediate level for students wishing to revive their skills in Spanish language.  We shall discuss current events, books, films, travelling or anything the group is interested in, the topics are flexible.  We aim to develop conversational skills, vocabulary and some grammar.
FEE FOR 8 WEEKS: full: £86.40 over 60: £82.10 benefit: £60.50

Leiston. Wardens, Sizewell IP16 4UB

ARCHERY - BEGINNERS                     CODE: 227                          Tutor: Andy Gardiner
Sizewell, Wardens                         Tue  19.00-21.00                        5 weeks starting February 20th     

As a child did you watch old cowboy or historical movies, and then go outside to make your own bow and arrow to play with?  From beginner to those with a little experience we offer the chance to learn basic skills, make improvements in technique and skill, in a relaxed atmosphere.  Through instruction and games you can learn about safety, how to shoot, first bare bow (without sights,) and then with sights when ready. Starting with lightweight bows and short distances, as you improve there will be opportunities to try stronger bows, longer shooting distances and smaller targets.  In summer term and with lighter nights we are able to shoot outside at even longer distances.  Throughout the sessions you will also learn some history of archery, how to select appropriate equipment and where to buy it!  Most of all come along and have fun trying a new sport suitable for everyone!
FEE FOR 5 WEEKS: full: £55.00, over 60: £52.30, benefit: £38.80  (please note amended price from the printed flyer)

Parham. Parham Village Hall IP13 9LZ

iPAD BEGINNERS                              CODE: 328                          Tutor: Liz Gleave
Parham Village Hall                       Wed 09.30-12.00                     4 weeks starting Jan 31st       (no class Feb 14th)    

Bring along your iPad and get to know how to personalise it, download apps, shop on-line and organise photos and files. In this relaxed and friendly class Liz will explain “how to” in plain English right from the very basics so you can get the most out of your iPad. Please make sure your iPad is fully charged and, if you haven’t used it for a while, it will help if any updates have been applied, but don’t worry if this is still beyond you!
FEE FOR 4 WEEKS:  £54.00    no concessions
Please note this class is ONLY for Apple iPad, not tablets using Android  operating system, Kindles or other readers. Please contact the office for advice  if you’re unsure.

Saxmundham. The Studio Curlew Green Nr Saxmundham IP17 2RA

INTRODUCTION TO PRINTMAKING                     CODE: 223                                Tutor: Helen Armstrong Bland
Curlew Green near Saxmundham                   Tues 19.00-21.00                             8 weeks starting January 23rd
Suitable for beginners or those with previous experience.  In this weekly class you will be introduced to a variety of techniques including mono printing, drypoint, blind embossing and collograph printing.  Come along and develop your skills in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.  Please bring an apron and some A4 thick watercolour paper to the first class.
FEE FOR 8 WEEKS:  £96.00 no concessions

Saxmundham. Saxmundham Free School IP17 1DZ

MONDAY SUPPER CLUB                         CODE: 121                            Tutor: John Dean
Saxmundham Free School                  Mon 16.30 - 18.00                     5 weeks fortnightly starting 22nd Jan

Join us for this new and innovative cookery programme. From 4.30pm till 6.00pm, we will cook up quick but tasty meals that can be taken home for a week night supper. We will take advantage of both fresh and store cupboard ingredients, to create one or two courses depending on chosen dishes and time allowed. As this workshop will run fortnightly, as a group, your own ideas will be used when arranging the next session. Over the weeks you will realise cooking quick and healthy meals, when you are in control of ingredients and cooking methods, will have many health and cost advantages over the takeaway.                                                                                        FEE FOR 5 SESSIONS, ALTERNATE WEEKS:  £90.50 no concessions            Please note fee includes ingredients cost.

PHILOSOPHY FOR NOW!                        CODE: 122                                  Tutor:  Sue Pine
Saxmundham Free School                   Mon 19.00-20.30                            8 weeks starting 22nd January    
Smartphones; robots; political  correctness and gender  are among  today’s most controversial  issues.   This exciting new course examines the philosophical problems raised by the rapid changes in society and technology that we are living through.  We explore insights from the great philosophers that might help us make sense of it all.
FEE FOR 8 WEEKS: full:  £64.80 over 60: £61.50 benefit: £45.35

BRIDGE BLAST OFF (Beginners Bridge)        CODE: 221                          Tutor:  Jill Bowring
Saxmundham Free School                       Tues   19.00-21.00                     10 weeks starting 23rd January   (break for Easter) 
Give it a go – this is a game to play with friends and enemies.  It requires guile, cunning, logic, and if you have none of those then a sociable nature is all that’s required.  We’ll get you started on the road of this endlessly fascinating game.
FEE FOR 10 WEEKS: full: £108.00 over 60: £102.60 benefit: £75.60

FURNITURE PAINTING – TRANSFORMATIONS      CODE: 224                              Tutor: Helen Barker    
Saxmundham Free School                                   Tues 19.00-21.00                         4 weeks, starting 16th January      
Learn how to revamp your old tired furniture.  During this hands on course you will be taught how to transform one or two basic pieces of furniture into unique and lovely pieces for your home. You will learn painting and finishing techniques and dabble with decoupage, image transfer and decorative paint effects.  Bring along a small piece of furniture, picture frame or similar to the first class, and a waterproof apron.
FEE FOR 4 WEEKS: full: £48.20 over 60: £46.04 benefit: £35.24

HAT MAKING – FELT AND FABRIC                 CODE: 225                                  Tutor: Rachel Glover
Saxmundham Free School                           Tue 19.00-21.00                               8 weeks, starting 23rd January          
Make your own design felt and fabric hats from scratch, then embellish and adorn them.  Have fun letting your imagination go, while learning something new.  At the first class you will begin by making the felt base for your hat.  You will then learn how to shape it before decorating it into the design of your choice.  As the course progresses you will move onto another hat making project of your choice with guidance from Rachel.  No experience necessary.  Materials for the initial hat provided - help and advice given for materials for your own hats.
FEE FOR 8 WEEKS:  £101.50 no concessions

CHAIR CANING COURSE                           CODE: 226                                                       Tutor: Helen Barker
Saxmundham Free School                       Tue 19.00-21.00                                                  4 weeks, starting 20th February
Chair caning – traditional Split Cane Method: This course will teach you the 7-step method for weaving a chair/stool seat.  Replace the seat in a cane chair/stool – please bring this with you. All materials will be provided but you will need a bag of golf tees, a bowl, small hammer, scissors, small screwdriver or braddle.  It would be handy if you can remove all the old cane seating and poke out debris from the holes.
FEE FOR 4 WEEKS: £63.20    no concessions

Snape. Snape Village Hall IP17 1SX

NORDIC WALKING FOR BEGINNERS            CODE: 329                                        Tutor: Maggie Jennings
Snape Village Hall                                   Wed 10.30 – 12.00 noon                           5 weeks, starts 21st February      
ordic Walking uses the upper body, to aid speed, work the heart, tone core muscles, whilst taking strain from hips, knees and ankle joints.  It can relieve lower back pain with gentle rotation and done on a regular basis can aid weight loss.  Walking with a qualified instructor you will gradually build up fitness and strength.  You will also be offered follow up walking, as part of a group, so that your fitness can be continued afterwards.  The special “Nordic Walking” poles are supplied during the course.  You need to be able to walk 3-4 miles with reasonable ease, as walks will be of that mileage.  Other local venues will be used during the course, for different terrain.
FEE FOR 5 WEEKS: full: £40.50 over 60:  £38.46 benefit: £28.35   

Woodbridge. Woodbridge Community Centre IP12 4AU

KEEPING FIT IS FUN                                  CODE: 311                                          Tutor: Jane Chapman
Woodbridge Community Centre           Wed 13.30-14.30                                     10 weeks starting January 10th     Spring term,  Summer Term dates TBC
A rare chance to join an afternoon class and exercise to music.  Fun activities for one hour.  All levels, including possibly some chair-based activities covered.  No previous experience needed, wear loose clothing, soft shoes/trainers, bottled water needed - and don't forget your smile!  Join Jane for Keeping Fitness Fun – No Stress!
FEE FOR TEN WEEK TERM: full £54.00 over 60:  £51.30 benefit: £37.80

Woodbridge. Farlingaye High School IP12 4JX

LATIN FOR BEGINNERS                             CODE: 330                    Tutor: Nonie Bathgate
Woodbridge Farlingaye High               Wed 19.00 -21.00                 8 weeks starting 24th January      
A fun introduction to Latin, following a book using cartoons and helpful Roman mouse character. The course will include speaking and reading Latin, as well as giving a notion of grammar and a flavour of the language’s ongoing influence on English.  No previous knowledge of Latin is expected.
FEE FOR 8 WEEKS: full: £86.40 over 60: £82.10 benefit: £60.50

LETS TALK ABOUT MODERN ART        CODE: 331                         Tutor: Mark Beesley
Farlingaye High  School      Wed  19.00-21.00                       6 weeks starting 24th Jan (2 week break for half term)  
This class is for those who feel they would enjoy modern art more if they understood it better.  We examine some of the main developments in art over the last 50 years in jargon-free terms, including various forms of abstract painting, minimalism, new forms of sculpture using formed and industrial materials, video, conceptual art and land art.
FEE FOR 6 WEEKS: full: £64.80 over 60: £61.50 benefit: £45.35

WOODWORK PROJECT                      CODE: 332                                Tutor: Chris Rozier
Farlingaye High School        Wed 19.00-21.00                                       8 weeks starting 24th January       

In this 8 week course the first 3 or 4 weeks will be spent on a set project in the form of a small shelf unit, which can have a variety of purposes when taken home.  By making this project you will learn to mark and cut some basic woodwork joints.  Step-by-step instructions and demonstrations will be given to enable you to fulfil the project.  The confidence gained in completing this project will enable you to continue with the second half of the course. This will give you the opportunity to make a project of your choice.  Suggestions are:  either a box construction (such as a small jewellery box, a bird/bat box, a plant box, or an arts and crafts box); or a leg and rail construction (such as a small footstool, a small side table, or a stand for plants). Alternatively practice pieces such as dovetail joints, mortice and tenon joints, dowel/peg joints, fitting hinges and other hardware. Materials will be supplied for the first project.  Materials for your project choice can be sourced yourself with guidance from the tutor.
FEE FOR 8 WEEKS:  £118.00 no concessions

Wilby. Charlottes Wood IP21 5LT

LEARN TO NORDIC WALK                 CODE: 505                             Tutor: Charlotte Atkinson
Charlotte’s Wood, Wilby                   Fri 13.00-14.30                           8 weeks starting 19th January        
Nordic Walking is a whole body exercise with a range of benefits such as improved posture, reduced joint impact and increased calorie burning compared with walking without poles.  It can be accessed by all; as they say, “If you can walk, you can Nordic Walk”.
Charlotte is a British Nordic Walking Instructor and a qualified member of the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA).  She uses the INWA 10 step method to teach the technique.  Poles are provided.  The first 4 sessions will be held at Charlotte’s Wood in Wilby and for the last 4 sessions we will meet at different locations within a 15 mile radius of the main venue to allow you to practise the technique whilst enjoying the richness of Suffolk Countryside and coast.
FEE FOR 8 WEEKS: full: £64.80 over 60: £61.50  benefit: £45.35