BEGINNERS BADMINTON                CODE: 207    Tue    18.00 - 19.30

Tutor: John White - Badminton England, Level 2 Coach.
Did you play at school or do you play occasionally with a group of friends and would like to improve? This is for you! A chance to learn new skills allowing you to enjoy the game even more. The course will cover racket control, shot production, movement, tactics & fitness. Players should wear suitable footwear & clothing & preferably have their own racket.(Bring a drink)
        10 sessions, 3 terms. Full fee £82.50, 60+ £78.45,  benefit £7.75, per term

INTERMEDIATE BADMINTON            CODE: 208    Tue    9.20 - 21.30

Tutor: John White - Badminton England, Level 2 Coach.
Designed for more regular players (casual or club) wishing to improve their skills. This course will concentrate on technique, shot choice, movement & tactics. Players should wear suitable footwear & clothing & have their own racket.(Bring a drink)
        10 sessions, 3 terms. Full fee £110.00, 60+ £104.60,  benefit £77.00, per term


Basic Woodwork                              408                              Thurs     19.00-21.00

FEE PER TERM:  full: £120.00 over 60: £114.60 benefit: £87.00

BASIC WOODWORK                                                          Tutor: Vaughan Windle
Have you ever thought you would like to build your own garden work bench or fit a shelf unit?  Here is a course to introduce basic woodworking tools and simple construction techniques.  How to measure and mark out and finally cut and assemble using traditional tools and a limited selection of machine tools. Suitable for absolute beginners and based initially around the manufacture of a set project (for which materials will be provided). As the course progresses students own projects will be developed with guidance from the tutor.

Introduction to Quickbooks                409                         Thurs    18.45 – 21.00               4 weeks starting 1st November

FEE:      £85.00 no concessions

INTRODUCTION TO QUICKBOOKS                                        Tutor: Laura Stubbs
Cloud software is a recent innovation in keeping personal or business accounts.  In this beginners guide to using QuickBooks you will learn how to invoice customers, manage cashflow, produce a VAT return, reconcile bank balance to online bank statements and produce management reports.  Some bookkeeping knowledge will be an advantage.  You will need to know your way around a computer for this course.        



Creative Writing         210         Leiston Guide Hut            Tue         10.00-12.00          25th Sept             10 weeks, 3 terms    

FEE PER TERM: full: £110.00 over 60: £104.60 benefit: £77.00

CREATIVE WRITING                                      Tutor: Annie Edge

You’ve gone beyond the basics of character, plot and description and want the challenge of something bigger. Bring a notebook and pen and join us for lively discussion, individual exercises, one-to-one feedback and the opportunity to extend your own creative ideas into short stories, flash fiction or even full-length novels - all under the guiding eye of a supportive and experienced tutor. Building on the success of last year’s popular class, we welcome both new and familiar faces at The Writing Hut.

Spanish Conversation    310         Leiston Guide Hut            Wed       10.00-12.00          26th Sept             10 weeks, 3 terms            

FEE PER TERM: full: £110.00 over 60: £104.60 benefit: £77.00

SPANISH CONVERSATION CLASS                                                                            Tutor: Kata Molnar

An intermediate level for students wishing to revive their skills in Spanish language.  We shall discuss hobbies, stories, travelling, or anything else the group is interested in, the topics are flexible.  We aim, to develop conversational skills, vocabulary and some grammar.

Spanish Beginners    410         Leiston Guide Hut           Thurs      10.00-12.00          27th Sept             10 weeks, 3 terms            

FEE PER TERM: full: £110.00 over 60: £104.60 benefit: £77.00

SPANISH BEGINNERS                                                                           Tutor: Kata Molnar

For people who have little or no knowledge of Spanish.  Taking the course you will be able to speak about yourself briefly, make friends, understand directions, make phone calls and maybe more.  We will be following the “Nuevo Suena 1, Workbook and Exercise Book.”


Archery         209       Sizewell, Wardens            Tue        19.00-21.00          25th Sept             10 weeks, 3 terms               

FEE PER TERM: full: £112.00 over 60:  £106.60 benefit: £79.00

ARCHERY - BEGINNERS                                                                                               Tutor: Andy Gardiner

As a child did you watch old cowboy or historical movies, and then go outside to make your own bow and arrow to play with?  If so come along and try archery at Wardens, Sizewell with Coastal Leisure Learning!  From beginner to those with a little experience we offer the chance to learn basic skills, make improvements in technique and skill, in a relaxed atmosphere.  Through instruction and games you can learn about safety, how to shoot, first bare bow (without sights,) and then with sights when ready. Instruction will include how to stand correctly; how to begin shooting a set of arrows so that they all form a group on the target, and then how to change sighting to get the set all around the bullseye. Starting with lightweight bows and short distances, as you improve there will be opportunities to try stronger bows, longer shooting distances and smaller targets.  During the winter and spring terms we shoot inside but in summer term and with lighter nights we are able to shoot outside at even longer distances.  Throughout the sessions you will also learn of some of the history of archery, how to select appropriate equipment and where to buy it!  Most of all come along and have fun trying a new sport suitable for everyone!