GARDEN MAINTENANCE 111 Mon 19.00-21.00 5 weeks – Oct 28, Nov 4, 11, 18 & 25

Full fee £55.00, 60+ £52.30, benefit £38.50

Tutor: Susannah Sharman

Learn how to achieve a well kept garden. From soil, lawns, trees and shrubs this course will give you

confidence in your gardening. Powerpoint presentation, demonstrations and discussion time covers

a wide variety of informative and very much relevant gardening subjects.



either CODE: 312 Wed 14.00-15.30 Starts October 2nd

or CODE: 333 Wed 13.45-15.15 Starts November 6th

5 sessions Full fee £41.25, 60+ £39.25, benefit £28.85

Tutor: Maggie Jennings

Using the upper body, Nordic Walking is a total body workout. Done properly, it uses 90% of the body’s muscles. It can build stamina and strength, allowing you to walk further and faster. You will learn to find your own level and pace, but please keep in mind, this is not an amble! The poles automatically push you forward so with no more effort, you will go a bit faster, thus getting more exercise in less time. Poles are supplied during instruction but you are encouraged to have your own eventually, allowing you to exercise in between walks. You need to be able to walk about 4 miles with comparative ease as by the middle of the course we will be doing that mileage. The first two weeks are at the Millennium Hall in Kesgrave, but later we will walk in other local areas to gain experience on different terrain. After the course there are various Nordic Walks you can join in with. It is advisable to bring a small rucksack with a bottle of water to each class.

THE WIVES OF HENRY VIII CODE: 414 Thurs 13.30-15.00 3 weeks – Sept 26, Oct 3 & 10

Full fee £.24.75, 60+ £23.50, benefit £17.35

Tutor: Julie Wheeler

Understand the women Henry VIII married in his desperate ambition for a male heir. This course will introduce you to six diverse and captivating personalities and the events that propelled them to their individual fates. Did they have ambitions of their own? Which wife did Henry love the most? Which did he hate!? and which one had the biggest impact upon England…?

INTRODUCING MEDIEVAL MANUSCRIPTS CODE: 415 Thurs 13.30-15.00 6 weeks – 31st October to 5th December

Full fee £.49.50, 60+ £47.00, benefit £34.65

Tutor: Julie Wheeler

Medieval manuscripts art was not only beautiful but conveyed a range of meanings and ideas. This course will explore those ideas as well as reveal the secrets of manuscript production. Each week, working chronologically from the Anglo-Saxon era to the Renaissance, we will examine key pieces of illumination to develop your knowledge, chart the changes and incite discussion! No previous knowledge of art historical study is necessary.

PRINTMAKING CODE: 416 Alt Thurs 13.00-16.00

Autumn term dates: 26 Sept, 10 Oct, 31 Oct, 14 Nov & 28 Nov

5 sessions, 3 terms. Fee £82.50 per term no concessions

Tutor: Andrew Howell

Join us as we rediscover the traditional art of printmaking. We will look at how the art form has evolved over the centuries up to contemporary artists of today. This will be a practical course in which you will get to make artworks with many of the different printing techniques like Lino, dry point, mono and the more modern collagraphy. Lessons will be structured with an introduction of a new technique and enough time to learn by printing. For all abilities – come along and learn new skills or find out some new ways of making art.

STAINED GLASS CODE: 417 Alt Thurs 13.00-16.00

Autumn term dates: 3 Oct, 17 Oct, 7 Nov, 21 Nov and 5 Dec

5 sessions, 3 terms. Fee £82.50 per term no concessions

Tutor: Louise Ferrier

Suitable for beginners and those with some experience. This class offers a step by step guide to constructing a leaded stained-glass panel or window. You will get the opportunity to practice the techniques required to successfully design and construct your own panel; learning to cut and shape glass to a simpe pattern, assemble with lead, solder joints and waterproof with special leaded light cement. Materials can be bought from the tutor at cost and tools will be available for use during class.

NOTE: The class involves working with lead so is not advisable for pregnant or breast-feeding women.