FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS CODE 418 Thurs 19.00-21.00 10 weeks starts 17th January 2019

Fee per Term Full Fee £110 Over 60 £104.60 Benefit £77

FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS Tutor: Catherine Godet

This interactive and fun course, delivered by a native speaker, will focus on good pronunciation of key sounds, acquisition of basic vocabulary and grammatical structures to enable learners to quickly take part in simple day-to-day conversations. No previous knowledge of French required.

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY CODE 420 Thurs 19.00-21.00 10 weeks starts 17th January 2019

Fee per term Full Fee £110 Over 60 £104.60 Benefit £77

Digital Photography Tutor: Rob Spray

Still frustrated at your digital camera? Whether you’re a stranger to your SLR or worried by your compact here’s a chance to make friends with it! Starting with understanding what your own camera offers and then going on to work on the principles of photography for fun, art or maybe income. This course will boost your camera confidence, setting weekly tasks to reinforce each session.

ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS                CODE: 405    Thurs    19.00 – 21.00 17th January 2019

FEE PER TERM: full: £110.00   over 60: £104.60  benefit: £77.00

Tutor: Helen Fisher
Suitable for beginners, this course will allow you to get by in various ‘holiday’ situations such as ordering food and drink, booking into a hotel or asking directions. You will also develop a good knowledge of the use of nouns, verbs and adjectives and the confidence to speak this beautiful language in a variety of everyday settings.