CHI KUNG (intermediate Level)         302    Weds        10.00 - 11.30        10 weeks 3 terms

FEE PER TERM:  Full fee £82.50, 60 + £78.45, benefit £57.75

CHI KUNG (intermediate Level)  Tutor: Sue Pine

This Chi Kung class assumes a good knowledge of the basics and is intended for returning students who already have considerable experience and now wish to develop their skills further.

This class is not suitable for beginners.

DANCING FOR FUN 404 Thurs 09.15-10.15 9 sessions starting Oct 3rd (ongoing will be 10 week terms)

Full fee £49.50, 60 + £47.00, benefit £34.65, Autumn term

Dancing for fun Tutor: Chloe Kinrade

An opportunity to try out a variety of dance styles that are great fun, easy to learn and will help to build your fitness and tone your body too. This class is perfect for all ages and abilities. Why not come along and learn an enjoyable dance routine whether it is Modern, Jazz, Musical Theatre or Contemporary to some of your favourite songs. During the class, we will also work on technique and posture but most importantly letting go and having fun! Please wear comfortable clothing with indoor trainers or jazz shoes and bring a bottle of water with you to the class.

BALLET FOR ADULTS 405 Thurs 10.30 - 11.30 9 sessions starting Oct 3rd (ongoing will be 10 week terms)

Full fee £49.50, 60+ £47.00, benefit £34.65, Autumn term

Ballet for adults Tutor: Chloe Kinrade

This class is great for people who have done Ballet before or for those who have always wanted to, it’s never too late to start! Ballet will improve your flexibility, co-ordination, muscle strength and tone. In particular, it strengthens the core muscles, improves posture and it most certainly challenges the brain whilst letting go of yourself through the music.