Microsoft Office - Get up to Speed             303         Campsea Ashe Station House     Weds      09.30-11.30          26th Sept                10 weeks             

FEE FOR 10 SESSIONS : Full: £110.00, Over 60: £104.60, Benefit: £77.00              

GETTING UP TO SPEED WITH MICROSOFT OFFICE                                   Tutor: Jenny Labbett

Returning to work?  Want to brush up on your IT skills?  Join us for a series of 10 classes which will cover the basics – and more – of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.  Each session will be packed with tips and tricks to help you become more proficient and build your confidence.  No experience of Microsoft Office is necessary, but the ability to use a mouse and keyboard is essential.  Course notes are provided.  (Please note that this course is not for MAC users.)

Italian for Beginners - year 2          402       Campsea Ashe Station House    Thurs     10.30-12.30       27th Sept          10 weeks, 3 terms  

FEE PER TERM: full: £110.00 over 60: £104.60 benefit: £77.00

ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS - YEAR 2                                                                           Tutor: Gabriele Cordaro

No longer a class for complete beginners students in this class have acquired a year’s worth of basic Italian grammar and vocab.  Next term envisages reinforcing elementary skills while building on these to head towards a post elementary/pre-intermediate level.  We will be moving ahead with grammar, word power, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills; singing and role-playing along the way.

Guitar from scratch                    403    Campsea Ashe Station House       Thurs         13.30-15.00     27th Sept          10 weeks, 3 terms

FEE PER TERM:  Full £82.50, 60+ £78.45,  benefit £57.75

GUITAR FROM SCRATCH                                                                                              Tutor: Zoe Wadey

Fingers, Frets and Strings – Time to take that guitar out of the attic and give it a new lease of life!  We will learn from scratch reading from chord and tablature.  This beginners’ course includes strumming, finger-picking, accompanying, duets and simple solos.

Ukulele Improvers                   404    Campsea Ashe Station House       Thurs         15.30-17.00     27th Sept          10 weeks, 3 terms

FEE PER TERM:  Full £82.50, 60+ £78.45,  benefit £57.75

UKULELE IMPROVERS                                                                                    Tutor: Zoe Wadey

This course includes: Performing as a group, accompanying singing or as a soloist and reading from tablature and chord windows, strumming patterns including George Formby’s split strum, chord changes and short cuts, finger-picking, solos including Wipe Out and Apache, Simple Blues.