Saturday October 14th 2017

SLR CAMERA - BEGINNERS                                                                                                                 9.00-12.00

Tutor: Rob Spray              Code: 600            £27.00

What makes SLR (and the Compact System Cameras) different from compact cameras?  They can be more creative and more baffling.  They have the potential for better portraits, beautiful landscapes and jargon overload.  We’ll explore the controls and opportunities all SLRs offer and you’ll leave eager to move off the Auto setting! (this can continue to the afternoon class)

These courses are for SLR owners and may also interest people considering buying one.  Please feel free to attend both the morning and the afternoon, as they follow on from each other.  If you aren’t sure whether your camera is an SLR then you may not be ready to fully enjoy these courses.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.


FELT FLOWERS                                                                                                                                                9.00-12.00


 Tutor: Rachel Glover       Code: 601            £30.00

Using both wet and needle felting techniques create wonderful blooms to decorate you and your home, for example a glorious Poinsettia for your Christmas table or tree. All materials provided.  No experience necessary.

A TASTE OF ITALIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE                                                                                 9.00-12.00       

Tutor: Monika Cilmi          Code: 602            £27.00

Spend the morning with Monika, a native Italian speaker and artist, learning about her culture and language.  Monika will teach you a few basic words and phrases to help you greet people and generally ‘get by’ on holiday.  A great course for those who love Italy or are perhaps thinking about taking an Italian course in the future.

MINI BRIDGE – an engrossing game for all the family                                                                           9.00-13.00       

Tutor: Jill Bowring          Code: 603            £36.00

Mini Bridge was developed in the 90’s as just a precursor to contract bridge without all the bidding malarkey.  It has become hugely popular as a game for ALL the family in its own right and is extraordinarily easy to start playing (5 minutes) yet can engross you for a lifetime, unlike SNAP – which becomes very boring very quickly.

(Although a game suitable for all of the family this class is aimed at adults only – as well as playing at home this workshop is a good starting point for teachers looking to introduce mini bridge in school.)

FINDING YOUR VOICE – CREATIVE WRITING                                                                                         9.30-13.00

 Tutor: Peppy Barlow       Code: 604            £31.50

Everyone has stories to tell, it’s how you tell them that matters.  You may want to write from your own experiences or create a fiction, or a bit of both.  Come and see what works for you.

Peppy already runs two classes in Woodbridge and enjoys every minute of them passing on her passion and enthusiasm to all who attend.

LIFE AFTER A STROKE                                                                                                                        9.30-13.00

Tutor: Sue PineCode: 605            £31.50

Early in 2017 our Chi Kung instructor Sue suffered a disabling stoke.  Now that the consequences have eased and she has regained nearly all of her former capabilities Sue is determined, in an uplifting and positive workshop, to share with you her personal journey with the aim of increasing your understanding of stroke and its repercussions.  Sue will tell her own story of the mental and physical strategies she used to survive, get mobile and recover the best possible health, strength and mobility. This workshop is for anyone with an interest in strokes and Sue warmly welcomes recent stroke sufferers and those caring for them to help understand the personal battle from her side of the coin.

AN INTRODUCTION TO BEEKEEPING                                                                                            10.00-12.30

Tutor: Penny Robertson of Leiston & District Beekeepers’ Association      Code: 606            £22.50

Penny Robertson of Leiston & District Beekeepers’ Association presents this course, providing the basic information for starting beekeeping.  It’s aimed at anyone who is thinking of becoming a beekeeper.  Before diving in at the deep end it’s best – for you and the bees - to know what you’re letting yourself in for. Participants will learn what’s involved in looking after honey bees and the best ways to get started, including different hive types, average costs of equipment and where best to get your bees from.  You will also find out about some top forage plants for bees, and where best to site hives. This lecture style session gives opportunity for answers to all those questions about beekeeping that you’ve always wanted to ask. We will be tasting different honey as well.

LEARN TO DRAW PORTRAITS                                                                                                                    10.00-13.00

 Tutor: Jenny Windle        Code: 607            £31.00

People are fun to draw and this workshop will show you how to draw faces. We start with small studies of the individual features then produce a larger drawing to include neck and shoulders.  Measuring techniques help us to create a likeness of our model.  Bring A4 or larger drawing pad, some pencils, eraser and drawing board if you have one.  Suitable for beginners and improvers.

ITALIAN COOKERY BASICS CLASS                                                                                                           10.00-15.00

 Tutor: John Dean             Code: 608            £55.00

Food and Italy has been part of this country for decades, and it is not surprisingly woven into our own British cuisine.  This workshop looks at some of the basics of Italian cooking.  Fresh pasta, ravioli, and panacotta will be made during this hands on session.  Further demonstrations and discussion of other dishes – polenta gnocchi, focaccia and risotto will be incorporated into the session, with time for questions and answers.

THE RISE OF MODERN ART                                                                                                                         10.00-16.00

Tutor: Mark Beesley         Code: 609            £54.00

From Impressionism to Surrealism, we explore and unravel the rapid succession of styles and ‘isms’ in western art, and how they reflect the way artists responded to the momentous changes in society from the 1870s to World War 2. No previous knowledge of art history is necessary to enjoy this class.

LIFE DRAWING IN COLOUR                                                                                                                          10.00-16.00

 Tutor: Andrew Casey      Code: 610            £63.00

This special life class study day will explore the use of colour with drawing.  You will explore the form using different materials and mixed media as well as developing your individual drawing and observational skills.  A range of long and short poses will be used to build your confidence.  All abilities welcome.  Please bring a range of materials with you.

SLIP CASTING; PORCELAIN TEALIGHTS AND BOWLS                                                              10.00 – 16.00

 Tutor: Emma Jayne Robertson   Code: 611           £79.00

Immerse yourself in the technique of slip-casting with porcelain, using liquid clay in plaster moulds.  During the day, you will make a translucent porcelain tealight holder and a bowl.  You will also paint a fired slip-cast stoneware vase and decorate a glazed item with ceramic transfers.  By 4pm you will have created two original items, have a new vase and a transfer decorate piece. Items will be delivered back to the venue after being glazed and fired (collection date T.B.A.).  Alternatively, join our ceramic decorating workshop on 24th November in Leiston, to learn about the process of under glaze decoration and glazing.  NO experience necessary.  Please bring an apron and packed lunch.

SLR CAMERA - ADVANCED                                                                                                                13.00-16.00

Tutor: Rob Spray              Code: 612            £27.00

Suitable for those who have attended the morning or previous SLR courses.  Getting creative needs more understanding of the innards of your camera….we’ll take a gentle trip around the beginnings of portrait, the composition of landscape, capturing wildlife both big and small and some party tricks.  There’ll be a variety of lenses and other accessories to try – so you can see what they might offer. These courses are for SLR owners and may also interest people considering buying one.  Please feel free to attend both the morning and the afternoon, as they follow on from each other.  If you aren’t sure whether your camera is an SLR then you may not be ready to fully enjoy these courses.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

ORIGAMI FOR BEGINNERS; Animals Flowers and Boxes                                                                   13.00-16.00     

Tutor: Monika Cilmi          Code:613             £29.00

Learn to create beautiful animals, flowers, boxes and containers with Monika, an experienced artist from Italy who has written books on the subject.  Previous experience is not needed and all materials are included in the course.  If you would like to carry on with origami at home, Monika’s book and/or more papers can be purchased at the end of the class.