LAUGHTER YOGA                                                                                                                                           9.00-10.00

 Tutor: Chris Draude         Code:620             £9.00

“We don’t laugh because we are happy, we are happy because we laugh”  Experience the exuberance a good laugh can have on your overall health and mindset.  Bring a blanket and mat and a willingness to embrace and liberate the power of laughter.  Laughter yoga is a combination of deep breathing and playful laughter exercises (with proven health benefits).

GETTING STARTED IN 3D PRINTING                                                                                          9.00-12.00

 Tutor: Rob Spray              Code: 621            £32.00

‘Making’ is the new DIY… a buzzword for creating your own things at home and as well as traditional ways there are new skills and opportunities to embrace in the digital age.  This workshop will take you through the basics of home 3D printing and leave you aware of the pros and cons of this emerging technology and whether it is for you.

HOW TO PUBLISH AND MARKET YOUR BOOK                                                                                    9.00-12.00

 Tutor: Nicola McDonagh                                Code: 622            £27.00

Have you written a book, or are you thinking about writing one?  Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, this short introduction into how to publish and market your book will show you the pros and cons of self or traditional publishing, and provide marketing ideas to help sell your work.

JAPANESE TEMARI                                                                                                                                          9.30-14.30

 Tutor: Rachel Glover       Code: 623            £50.00

A traditional Japanese art form to create beautiful embroidered balls.  Originally given to children, now more an eye catching decoration.  Starting with the basics you will learn as you make your own colourful Temari.  Suitable for beginners, patience is beneficial.  All materials for the day will be provided.    Coffee and tea available, please bring a packed lunch.

DRYPOINT PRINTING                                                                                                                                      9.30-15.30

                  Tutor: Helen Armstrong Bland              Code: 624                 £60.00

This is an effective alternative to etching, where scoring marks into an acetate can be inked up (intaglio), to produce soft ‘etching’ like work.  Please bring some uncomplicated images and/or drawings to work from.  Old clothes and cartridge paper will be required. Coffee and tea available, please bringBring along a packed lunch.

SEA SHANTIES AND SEA SONGS                                                                                                                            9.45-12.45

Tutor: Stephen and Paul Amer    Code: 625            £28.00

Stephen and Paul Amer are musical directors of The Rogues Shanty Chorus – an energetic acapella sea shanties group who perform authentic sea shanties and other sea songs with a raucous and passionate delivery.  In this workshop, you will learn different styles of shanties – from a halyard shanty to a stamp and go shanty, as well as songs which were sung by other seafaring communities; including whaling songs, folk songs sung about smugglers, wreckers and other ne’er-do-wells and maybe even a pirate hymn.


GROW YOUR SELF ESTEEM                                                                                                                        10.00-13.00

Tutor: Ken Ashton           Code: 626            £27.00

What is Self Esteem?  Where does it come from?  How do you get it?  How do you keep it? If you would like to find answers to these questions, this new 3 hour workshop is for you.  “To be OK with Yourself – Just Imagine That’

PASTEL WORKSHOP                                                                                                                                      10.00-14.00         

Tutor: Jenny Windle          Code: 627                 £36.00

This workshop will help you use coloured chalks so loved by artists!  We begin with discussion of methods followed by some exercises in drawing, shading and colouring simple objects, then use still life or animal photos to apply skills learned.  Drawing experience desired but not essential.  Bring soft chalk pastels, pastel paper, willow charcoal and a drawing board or card to support your paper.

ITALIAN BAKING                                                                                                                                               10.00-15.00

 Tutor: John Dean             Code: 628            £55.00

An interesting workshop.  This hands on session will focus on baking cakes and biscuits very much eaten at breakfast and not the sweet creamy desserts eaten on special occasions.  During the practical and demonstration session we will produce cakes and biscuits such at Torta Sabbiosa (Sandy Cake) and Focaccia alla Ceccobeppe (Venetian Country Cake) and the double baked Cantuccini. Coffee and tea available, please bring a packed lunch.

GAMES FOR FUN                                                                                                                                             10.45-12.45

 Tutor: Chris Draude         Code: 629            £18.00

If you would like to be more physical but don’t necessarily want to take up a sport then come along to have fun with people, to reconnect with the excitement and joy released when playing games such as zombie tag, prisoners and guards, rats and rabbits. Learn new games to use at school, Scouts, Brownies or just for your own pleasure.      

3D Modelling with SketchUp Workshop                                                                                               13.00-16.00

Tutor: Rob Spray              Code: 630            £27.00

Although you can enjoy 3D printing by harvesting free designs from the Internet the real power of the technology is unlocked when you start to create your own.  We’ll introduce SketchUp, a free 3D design package you can install and use at home.  We’ll look at the steps and techniques needed for making a successful 3D print and how to refine and personalise your design.  CLL laptops will be available to use in this class so that we are all working with the same version of SketchUp and NetFabb.