MINI BRIDGE – an engrossing game for all the family                                                                           9.00-13.00       


Tutor: Jill Bowring            Code: 635            £36.00

Mini Bridge was developed in the 90’s as just a precursor to contract bridge without all the bidding malarkey.  It has become hugely popular as a game for ALL the family in its own right and is extraordinarily easy to start playing (5 minutes) yet can engross you for a lifetime, unlike SNAP – which becomes very boring very quickly.(Although a game suitable for all of the family this class is aimed at adults only)


BUILD A BORDER                                                                                                                                   9.30-12.30


 Tutor: Susannah Sharman                 Code: 636            £27.00


Put the right plants in the right place!  Learn how to create a garden with design and flare.  Using prepared examples or bring photos and a plan of areas that you need garden designing or existing areas which need enhancing.              

GETTING STARTED IN 3D PRINTING                                                                                                         9.00-12.00


 Tutor: Rob Spray              Code: 637            £32.00

‘Making’ is the new DIY… a buzzword for creating your own things at home and as well as traditional ways there are new skills and opportunities to embrace in the digital age.  This workshop will take you through the basics of home 3D printing and leave you aware of the pros and cons of this emerging technology and whether it is for you.

LIFE DRAWING WORKSHOP                                                                                                                        9.30-13.30

 Tutor: Jenny Windle        Code: 638            £55.00

Here is a life drawing session for beginners’ and those with more experience.  We practice body structure, good proportions and tones using a few different techniques, and start with short poses followed by longer ones.  Bring along your favourite drawing materials and preferably a board to support paper in an upright position. 

SEWING A TOTE BAG                                                                                                                                     9.30-14.30


 Tutor: Annabelle Reynolds           Code: 639            £45.00

Applique decorated bag – Using simple shapes and fabric scraps you can make a truly unique tote bag.  Pieces will be fused, then stitched and decorated using both hand and machine stitches.  Choice of designs available.  You will also be shown how to complete your bag ready for your next shopping trip.  Suitable for beginners.  A list will be sent out before the class with instructions of what fabric and sewing notions you will need to bring.  Coffee and tea available, please bring along a packed lunch.

ONE DAY WOODCUTS                                                                                                                                    9.30-15.30


                    Tutor: Helen Armstrong Bland        Code: 640                 £64.00

A hands on workshop where you will experience the physicality of ‘cutting a drawing’ into wood to produce a hand burnished print from this traditional printmaking method.  Please bring some simple drawings and or images to work from, and plenty of paper. Wear old clothes and bring an apron. Coffee and tea available, please also bring along a packed lunch.


BEGINNERS BALLROOM WORKSHOP                                                                                                    9.45-12.15


                                           Tutor: Yvonne and Doug Stewart                   Code: 641                 £22.50

On the countdown to Christmas?  Get ready for the party season and learn the Waltz, Cha Cha Cha and Social Foxtrot.  Wear comfortable shoes and bring a partner. You may also be interested in the Jive workshop later in the day.

FELT WALL HANGING                                                                                                                                    9.45-14.45


 Tutor: Rachel Glover       Code: 642            £55.00

Make your own design wall hanging from colourful wool fleece, using the wet method of felting.  If desired, you can complete by learning some decorative beading/applique techniques.  No experience necessary, all materials provided.  It is a fun and absorbing if rather drippy process so bring a waterproof apron and definitely some arm muscles!  You will go home with a finished work ready to hang and be admired!  Coffee and tea available, please bring a packed lunch.  

AN INTRODUCTION TO BEEKEEPING                                                                                            10.00-12.30


Tutor: Penny Robertson of Leiston & District Beekeepers’ Association      Code: 643            £22.50

This course will provide the basic information for starting beekeeping.  It’s aimed at anyone who is thinking of becoming a beekeeper.  Before diving in at the deep end it’s best – for you and the bees - to know what you’re letting yourself in for. Participants will learn what’s involved in looking after honey bees and the best ways to get started, including different hive types, average costs of equipment and where best to get your bees from.  You will also find out about some top forage plants for bees, and where best to site hives. This will be a lecture style session with the opportunity to get answers to all those questions about beekeeping that you’ve always wanted to ask.  We will be tasting different honey as well.

MEN IN THE KITCHEN                                                                                                                                     10.00-15.00


 Tutor: John Dean             Code: 644            £55.00

Traditional winter meals and egg cookery will be the theme for this ‘hands on’ autumn workshop.  The combination of a heart-warming red wine casserole and vegetable garnish followed by caramel creams made from rich fresh egg custard sauce and caramel would make a good combination for that winter dinner party. Try your hand at producing the perfect omelette, with other suggestions on the versatility of this nutritious and staple ingredient. Along with skills practiced, discussion of food issues, additional demonstrations and plenty of time for questions and answers, you will go home delighted with what you have made and achieved. Coffee and tea available, please bring a packed lunch.

CREATING COMPUTER GAMES                                                                                                                  10.00-16.00

                       Tutor: Bernard Fox                         Code: 645                 £54.00

Learn to design and create your own computer games.  We will be using freely downloadable professional software to produce the images to create your game world.  We will be using Unity 3D to put it all together and bring your games to life.  The course includes programming in the modern C# language but coding experience is not necessary. Whether you are interested in developing games to make money from home or just as a mental challenge, you are bound to get a buzz when your game finally works! Coffee and tea available, please bring a packed lunch.

WILLOW WEAVING – BERRY BASKET                                                                                                     10.00-16.00

                                        Tutor: Jo Hammond                                       Code: 646                 £60.00

Woven from English willow, this neat little basket is ideal for picking nuts and berries, or collecting eggs. Beginning with two hoops, your basket will gradually take shape as you add decorative willow tie, ribs and then weaving.  You’ll learn how to split willow, to shape the ribs, simple weaving techniques, and lots of other skills in selecting materials, finishing and trimming your work. This project is ideal for beginners, with all stages clearly demonstrated and plenty of individual help.  Please be aware that willow weaving is moderately hard work and requires a firm grip.  All the materials you need are provided, although if you have your own secateurs, bring them along.  Coffee and tea available, please bringBring a packed lunch.

FABRIC LAMPSHADE MAKING                                                                                                                    10.30- 13.30

                                          Tutor: Zoe Cosgrove                                    Code: 647                 £39.00

In this fun workshop learn how to cover and make a 30cm x 21cm, drum lampshade of your choice.  You will need to bring fabric of your choice – 1 metre wide x 300 deep.  You will be able to choose from either a table lampshade or a ceiling pendant lampshade.  Cost includes lampshade kit, just add fabric and ideas!

Past students have loved the course and went away with beautiful professional products, good enough to enjoy at home or give away as a present.

INTERIOR DESIGN WORKSHOP                                                                                                                  10.30-15.30

                            Tutor: Lindsey Pearce                            Code: 648                    £50.00

This course is designed to be a fun and inspiring way to choose colour and style for your home.  Lindsey, an interior design consultant, will provide an illustrated talk on how to create mood and sample boards.  You will then create your own boards for a room of your choice, with samples and materials provided.  Designed for everyone with an interest in interior design.  This course is suitable for beginners and is also suitable for those who have already attended the previous creative interior courses, just come along and do another room!  All materials included in the cost.  Please bring sharp scissors. Coffee and tea available, please bring and a packed lunch.

BOB ROSS ‘WET ON WET’ OIL PAINTING                                                                                                11.00-15.30


 Tutor: Caroline Stevens (CRI Certified Bob Ross)                         Code: 649            £50.00

Learn to paint a full landscape painting in just one session!  All equipment/canvass supplied. Beginners welcome and anyone that might want to improve on their wet on wet technique of painting are welcome.  Subjects are mainly North American Landscapes….for example Snowy mountains, lakes, waterfalls and peaceful snow scenes!  Coffee and tea available, please bring a packed lunch.

MODERN GREEK TASTER                                                                                                                             12.00-13.00

 Tutor: Sheila Fox                  Code: 650            £10.00

Learning a new language can be fun!!  Don’t worry about learning grammar and do not let the Greek alphabet put you off!!  This session will focus on interactive communication - you will learn some basic spoken Modern Greek, be introduced to some simple written Greek through the kind of language seen on signs and posters about town.  We will also dip into Greek culture and lifestyle, look at recipe for Greek cakes and, yes, even taste some!!  If you have a sweet tooth and a yen to visit Greece again, this is the class for you!!

BEGINNERS JIVE WORKSHOP                                                                                                                    13.00- 14.30

                                             Tutor: Yvonne and Doug Stewart                               Code: 651                 £13.50

Not ready for the Christmas dance yet?  Get all shook up and learn the Latin American and Rock Jives.  Wear comfortable shoes and bring a partner.You may also be interested in the beginners ballroom workshop earlier in the day.

3D Modelling with SketchUp Workshop                                                                                                 13.00-16.00

Tutor: Rob Spray              Code: 652            £27.00

Although you can enjoy 3D printing by harvesting free designs from the Internet the real power of the technology is unlocked when you start to create your own.  We’ll introduce SketchUp, a free 3D design package you can install and use at home.  We’ll look at the steps and techniques needed for making a successful 3D print and how to refine and personalise your design.  .  CLL laptops will be available to use in this class so that we are all working with the same version of SketchUp and NetFabb.

HOW TO PUBLISH AND MARKET YOUR BOOK                                                                                    13.00-16.00

 Tutor: Nicola McDonagh                Code: 653          £27.00

Have you written a book, or are you thinking about writing one?  Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, this short introduction into how to publish and market your book will show you the pros and cons of self or traditional publishing, and provide marketing ideas to help sell your work.